I Wear 'tighty-whities'


I wear 'Tighty-Whities' and have my whole life except every once and a while. pretty rare tho.


When i was a Freshman in Highschool I got pantsed, wedgies, ********, forced naked in public by classmates like its about to go out of style. It first happened when I was a freshman, it was during PE I wore white briefs and when changing for PE the very first day i got pushed out of the locker room in just my underwear! lots of people saw me, including 4 teachers! it was humiliating but didnt stop there. 


the next day at pe when i was changing i got wedgies (the first of many, i would soon learn) and while playing basketball for pe I got pantsed three times infront of girls in my now stretched from the wedgies tighty whities. i was totally humiliated.


this kind of thing happened all freshman year. the next year i thought it would get better, but i was wrong! i was taller but still skinny small like and it got worse for me. one time after PE i was showering and got pushed out to the gym totally naked and wet as people were filing in for an assembly but the ******* jocks in my class were there and surrounded me. my hands were held out  by my sides and i got groped by prolly 8 people grabbing my balls, butt and pulling on my ****. 


All that groping and with so many people around I got really hard. so there i was naked, wet with a ***** and almost my entire school entering for an assemble meeting! after they made sure i had a ***** they tied my hands together and threw the rope threw the basketball hoop and tied it off so my arms were tied high above my body.


the teachers are always the last to enter i guess so they can look important so by the time they entered the entire school saw me and were taking pictures and HD video. everyone i know has seen me naked and dripping a little precum! its so humiliating!!


even today im a senor in high school im still tall but pretty skinny and weakish i guess... ill get ganged up on by a group of dudes, theyll grab my arms pull my shirt over my head so i cant see then pull down my pants and briefs i try not to get hard but they'll start touching me and groping me i get hard then they all laugh harder im not small or anything (not that it matters but the larger side of average... maybe they're jealous?) they just like seeing me incredibly embarassed i guess? i wish it would stop tho. i get made fun of for wering briefs still but thats been going on so long it doesnt bother me... that and its not physical humiliation!


seems like ive been through alot just to wear comfy undies! but ive tried boxers and other styles but maybe my balls are a little bigger then most? haha or i hang a little lower ;) but nothing beats the comfort of being held in place by briefs.
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i had te same thing happen

You are a strong person not to go crazy from that kind of experience. If people like to touch you there they must like you. I couldn't touch anyone if I didn't like them. Control your surrondings if you can be more careful about being alone in certain places. Try to wait to take a shower after they are gone? I think they like you and would love to be alone with you. Keep strong in spite of these experiences. Tighty Whitey wearers support you from all over the place!!

i had a classmate in grammer school who got invited to parties only so the other guys could see how many times they could make him cry! i felt bad for him, he knew why he was invited and they took bets all week before the party but he went anyway. i never understood it. he;d get pantsed, or have his cloths taken off while arms and legs pinned down and they all laugh. they were probably just all insecure about themselves.<br />
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does it turn you on to think about getting pantsed or ******** and getting erections infront of people? knowing they are doing this to you to see you like that they must admire your bod and jack off about you at night hahahha.