Briefs And A Flagpole

I am a 16 year old guy who wears tighty whities, my name is john but i have a varied collection, white, black, i even have some spongebob squarepants and other childish underwear, my body is very small, which makes me fit into those briefs, unlike my brother's (michael) body who is a jock in highschool, he is 18 and has a really good body. So i was at my house and nobody was there and i was around in some spongebob underwear at my living room, little did i know that michael was coming with his friends (ben and erick, when they come in, i froze because i dont have a good relationship with michael because he bothers me A LOT. So he comes in with his friends and they all see me in my spongebob underwear, and my brother says, "aww look at the little baby, i will take you to my room to take care of you!" so he picked me up because he is so strong and im a whimp, and i started to hit him in the back to let me go, but it didnt hurt him. He throws me in his bed and i try to run for the door but one of his friends was in front of the door and i couldnt move him, and michael said "youre going to do everything we will tell you to or you will not leave this room" so i said yes because i couldnt do anything about it but to take it in. He said to erick to go to my room and get many more briefs and a diaper from my younger sister who is 2, he then gave me a wedgie so hrd i was lifted off the floor and the underwear ripped apart entirely so i was naked in front of him and ben., and my thing isnt as big as you would think it is and They laughed hard aand i grabed my underwear to cover my parts. Erick came in with some underwear and my brother handed me one. Then they went to take a shower, because they came back from practice and said that if I left the room, they would wedgie me again but way harder. So i obeyed, and when they came back, ben and erick werein boxers and michael was in briefs because our mther buys us both our underwear, he is such an *** for making me be embarrased in my tighty whities and he wears them to, so i said that and he was like "uhh the difference is that i dont wear children underwear, duhh" so they kept doing stuff to me, in one of those occasions i got a ***** i dont know why and they noticed it and laughed and gave me many painful wedgies, i started to cry so hard i llooked like a baby then they handed me the diaper, and said that i had to wet myself and poo in the diaper, and said that i would saty there until i did it, it took me about an hour to do it and i cried the whole hour and they were there watching me force myself to poo for the whole hour and laughing about it. When i finally did it, they told me to change into my underwear, and said that many more things were to come. Ben and erick satyed for the night
The next day they woke me up very early, it was a school day and told me to come with thwm. We arrived to school and nobody was there, and told me to ***** down to my underwear, again i wore spongebob underwear, and they tied me to a flagpole in front of school in just my sb underwear and left me there alone for about and hour, hey toom my clothes with them, i cried becuase the wedgie was so hard, i even peed and pooed my self in my underwear because i was in such a painful situation, time went by and people started to arrive, i peed myself some more and people could notice it. I cried the whole time until the principal came to take me down the flagpole, of course this was after people took pictures of me which went to facebook, and someone tried to wedgie me but looked at teh poop marks and said, "yuck he peed and pooed himself up there!!!" and everybody started to laugh. My brother was inside and just watch me walk to the nurse were the principal told me to wait until they called my parents for some clothes. I could hear the nurse laughing about it too.

Feel free to comment and ask me stuff about my experience.
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I've gotten a diaper experience too I cried the whole time also except I had to wear the diaper all day


my brothers r the same. theyre all older and i hav 3

add me please mate then you can read my story and my foto,s are cool

they always pick on tighty whitey wearers

Ok, just wear Sponge Bob Pajamas or boxers over your white briefs. Your brother is a jerk!