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See Through When Wet

I have worn tighty whiteys all of my life. I like the feel of them cressing my **** and balls. They also make great catchbasins for pee and poo. I used to go poop in my whiteys when I was 14 and then rub my **** in it until I came all over the place. Then i'd take a shower and wah them out and bleach them like my mom did with my little my sisters diapers. We didn't have pampers in those days. Now i like to **** in my undies and have a guy or girl suck me off throught the material. I love tighty whiteys.
Bluetruckdriver Bluetruckdriver 56-60, M 2 Responses Apr 9, 2012

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What all states do u come threw ?

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass. Ct. New York New Jersey, Pennsylvania and maryland

Damn I'm in alabama

I used to run down there years ago.

See lots of hot guys?

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You are so hot

Thanks. Wanna get in on the good times.? Have a great day.

Yes you got any pics of u in skidded tightu whiteys?

No sorry. I don't know how to do pics here. I am at a rest area though right in my rig and I'm stark naked. I'm standing on my step typing while a guy is standing on the sidewalk sucking my **** right now.