Forced To Model Underwear

Im a 14 year old male and I live out in the country so I dont have any close neighbors and barely anyone comes down the farm road we live on so I was home alone for the week cause my parents were on a anniversary cruise so one afternoon I walked up our driveway which is 1/2 mile long to get the mail and it was a nice day so I just walked up there in my tighty whities and flip flops. When I got to the road a car just passed and I didnt think they saw me so I thought nothing about it. I was walking back down the driveway right when I immediately fell to the ground and passed out. I woke up later in a car totally shaven except for my pubic hair and wearing only a pair of Calvin Klein tighty whities. One stranger I remembered was from the car that passed by then I knew they had took me. They said that I was going to a boy modeling audition at the Underwear Store in New York City. They said if we won they would give me 10% of the profit. I really didnt understand but they said if you dont try we will dump you in Times Square in just me tighty whities. I lived about 2 hours from NYC so I would have to try. They asked about my parents and i said they would be gone til next Wednesday. We stopped at this salon and bath store in a suberb of NYC and they gave me some clothes to put on then we walked in. The lady looked surprised to see 3 boys walk in. They were talking to the lady and then she told me to go take my clothes off and go into Room 4. I asked "Naked" and she said "yes, you will be getting a bath a clean shaving and a full body wax, and then will go tan for an hour." I gasped and the boys walked me to Room 4 and said "remember Times Square" I shivered and they ******** me down and they left. A few minutes later this hot chick named Rachel came in in a pink bikini. She said she had never done this treatment to a guy. She first shaved me like a pro even with my big erection. She told me to get in the bath and I did and while she was washing me I peed and she started laughing and said we now got to get you out drain and refill the tub so your clean. So I stood by her totally naked and then she said "There are some pairs of underwear in there (pointing at a drawer in the corner) they were all basically womens underwear but at the bottom there was one pair of spiderman briefs, even though were a extra small and im a medium I put them on. Since they were small you could see my bulge and she laughed and said take them off and get back in. About 5 min later she dried me off and started waxing me. After that they put me in the tanning bed for an hour then they brought in the boys and they paid the manager gave Rachel a tip and started walking me out the door naked. When Rachel said wait and handed me my clothes I had on when I came in and the boys said just give us the tighty whities he wears and you can keep the rest and Rachel also handed me the Spiderman briefs i had on. She then said,"The little kid forgot his cartoon undies" and everyone started cracking up except me. We got back in the truck and they said I look good and that I should win. Whe we got there it was like in the middle of the town and there was like 30 other boys my age. To get in you had to be wearing a pair of tighty whities, male, and between 12 and 18. We walked in,checked in,and went back stage. I found my assigned dressing room. The manager of the store came back and told us what we were to do what poses we would do, and what underwear we would wear every round. The first round was the boxers, which I had to wear IZOD Scarlet Boxers. Once I went out there was so many pictures and videos and when I posed everyone cheered. Out of the 37, nine were cut. I went back to my dressing room one of the boys was there and he said, not in top 5, times square. Next category was boxer briefs I had adidas Flex 360 CLIMALITE Boxer Brief Underwear. They were very comfy and you could tell the crowd they new they wer comfortable. I posed and turned around and got an erection. No one saw, well I dont think so. 8 were cut but no me leaving 20 left. I went back to the dressing room and one of the guys was in there and said good job. I put on my next underwear briefs and I started to burn down there. I realized he just put icy-hot in them and he said I wont get anymore erections. I asked if anyone saw and he said only about 10 people in the right side. This time I got Diesel Blade Stripe Cotton Stretch Brief. They were very colorful and poped right out at people. The icy-hot worked since I didnt get and erection. I made the cut again now in the top 12. Next Bikini briefs/ thongs, these reminded me of Rachel and I thought they were uncomfortable. But I still made it like I liked them cause I wasn't in the Top 5 yet. I got orange Emporio Armani Underwear, Colored Stretch Cotton Thong. 6 people got cut cause there pubic hair was showing. I wish I had some right now. 6 people left. Next was jockstrap. I got Under Armour Heat Gear Performance Jock with a Cup. Everyone got cups. 3 people were eliminated but not me. Bottom 3: Novelty (This is underwear with characters, i think) I got Perry the Platypus briefs and then one guy quit leaving just 2 of us. Then the manager said out of the two people remaining second place will get $250 and 1st place will get a job here part time on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm as an underwear model. Right then I stood up and said I quit. The manager handed me the 250 dollars and I went back to the dressing room and put the tighty whities back on a came in with. Then the boys came up to me took the $250 handed me my 10% and said have fun walking home. I said wait. You got to take me home. They said unless you come to our house for the weekend and we do what we want to you. I said sure but after the weekend you must take me home. They agreed.
Be looking for Part 2:
Weekend at the Salon
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Love to see the second part.

Wow what in the world first I'd beat the **** out of them then took there truck and said try it again

What da fawg?