Soccer In My Tighty Whities

I am in 12 grade i got wedgied by a lot of people including my coach. So i was in the locker room changing into my soccer clothes when my coach told me to go to the front of the school for a sec when i was done changing. so i did but when i went there no one was in sight. i went lokking but then my teamates grab my tighty whities and pantsed me also gave me a forceful wedgie. they hung me on to the flag pole and lefted me high up in the air. i was there the hole practice i was there for 4 hrs. i was wondering when i was going down. the wedgie was very painful. i got down by the coach but when i walked off he gave me a wedgie over my head and the team took my clothes left me there in my tighty whities tied to a tree.
mjfox mjfox
18-21, M
Dec 10, 2012