My Girlfriend Put Me In A Diaper!

I am a teen boy. I have a girlfriend named Vanessa. One day, I asked my parents if I could spend the night. They said yes. Now, I wear colored briefs. This day, I was wearing blue camo briefs. So my girlfriend, and I are CLOSE. We kiss ALOT. Now, I had to go urinate BADLY. But she was in the only one in the bathroom. So I waited. And I gushed out urinating. I was embarrassed. So I started to run out of the house to go home. I heard "Stop!" It was Vanessa. She asked "Were are you going? She can understand literally anything I do. So, I trusted her, and I turned around. And she saw the urine. She said "Why can I see it?" I was so confused. I said what? "The pee. U don't wear diapers?" I said "No I wear colored briefs." So she pulled down her pants. She was wearing Cinderella diapers. She said come here. I came. She pulled my pants down. And saw my camo briefs. She took those off too. I was scared. She took me to her little brothers room. And pulled out a toy story diaper. She said lay down. So I did. She put the diaper on. She said "Do u have to pee more?" I said yes. And she said "ok, go." So I did. I could not see a thing. So she said take it off, and put on a new one. I did. But it was a pain. But I did it. She washed my pants, and we both walked around with nothing, but diapers. Her with a bra, of course. And now, we both wear diapers.
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Jan 23, 2013