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Tighty Whities, Wedgies, And Diapers

Last night i was hanging out with my friends and i was wearing my spongebob squarepants tighty whities. I bent down for something and my friends girlfriend, Annie, saw them cause i was wearing tight skinny pants. Well she must not have told her boyfriend and my other friend at the time it happened. Well when they went away for a moment she came and sat next to me on the couch. She said "I know what your wearing," nd I said "what?" She siad "i saw your little boy spongebob panties." At that moment I got hard at the thought of a girl seeing me in my little boy tighty whities with cartoons on them at the age of 16. I asked her not to tell anyone and she asked "why do you wear panties?" I replyed "they're not panties, they're ..." "Shhh, they're coming" an we just continued to hangout the rest of the night. When we all went home she texte me later. "if you don't want everyone to know that you wear little boy panties come to my house tomorrow wearing them, and you better bring a few extra." So i did. I wore my skinny pants again that hugged my butt and my spongebob tighty whities with blue bands at the waist and legs and a back pack full of spongebob, dora the explorer and regular tighty whities. When i got there she told me to come up into her room. Her mom was home and so was her littler brother who was in 5th grade and her other little brother who was in 10th grade (us two are in 11th) and her older sister that is in 12th grade. Both girls are very very good looking. So we got up into her bedroom and she asked me "So, why o you wear panties? You never got to answer me." I said they arn't panties, they're briefs.She she Take off your shirt, I sai what nd she said NOW. So i did, and her and her sister could see the top of my tighty whities and i thought i knew what was coming next. She said you are going to o everything we tell you to do or we are going to tell everyone. So i did for that reson, and not to mention they are so hot that i would let them o anything to me no matter how embarrassing. So said ok, and she came over and undid my belt and took my pants off, so i was standing there in just my sponsbob tighty whities at the age of 16. She said, see, panties. Her sister said yeah i can see that, but they are considered briefs and tighty whities hahahah. at this point i began to get hard, but they couldnt even notice. then annie got out a pair of her panties and held them up to me over my tighty whities and said, no theyre panties. she said 'i don't even wear these anymore i wear thongs so you can keep these and wear them later little girl hahaha' then she removed them from the front of me and said OMG i think he's hard! She said 'okay, time to have fun with the little baby girl.' She said came here, she brought me over to her and her sisters closet and yelled WEDGIE TIME and at the same time they lefted me up by the back of my tighty whities giving me a very very painfull and embarrassing wedgie. My butt was on fire, my speacial are was really hard tighter then ever, and my legs began to hurt. They only held me there for a little bit and then they put my panties on a hook and lefted me there to hang for a couple minutes because they knew my tighty whities woudl ripp soon. In that little amount of time annie called her friens an told them to come over. then my underwear began to rip and i started crying. annie and her sister took me down and gave me another pair of tighty whities to go get changed into in the bathroom. When i came out some friends were there, 4-5, and they tackled me to the ground. Then they gave me a huge but painfull wedgie and put a diaper on me. Then they took pictures of me in my diaper with my dora tighty whities hanging out the back. Then they gave me a anoter hanging wedgie tilll my tighty whities riped completey and i began crying again. They called me there little baby girl and took more pictures. Then they said they wouldnt let me leave till i wet myself. litle i they know i already did. So they said they were going to change me, so they did and I got hard again they laughed realy hard and said I don't have a chance with any of them at all. Then they put another pair of sponsbob tighty whities on me, a daiper and then wedgied me REALLLLY hard that time. then they told me to put my pants on and i was thankfull for that. But since they are tight pants that hug my butt the daiper shows a lot and they all laughed and took pictures again. then they all brought over panties that they dont use anymore and put them in my bag and told i have to wear them to school and whenver i hangout with them. and tole me that this was funn and they are going to do it a lot more. Then I went home and my mom asked me why i was wearing a daiper and why i had a wedgie and I told her and she laughed and said Oh those girls, thats funny honey. Then went threw my bag and laughed a lot at what was inside and she said, I would do what those girls say.

I had fun yesterday and kind of enjoyed it even though it hurt. I am not gay and those girls turn me on, espeacailly when they make fun of me and wedgie me. But I dont want them to tell anyone and I don't want anyone to find out. What do I do?

PS. Ill tell you what happens next weekend

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i wear tighty whities most of the time. & and i am 15. one day i was over at my friends she saw the wasteband of my TW's and told her brother. he asked me to go to his room. their mom and dad were working. and he told me to close my eyes and turn around.

Does it still happen toyou

Post more stories please

Be my wedgie master please please

Add me please

Add me

I wound wat thong the girls was wearing

Man that sounds embarrassing

please text me at 870-466-7150

Please text me at 870-466-7150

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i want to waer painty and thong and im a guy how??and LUCKY

Can you show as the photos they took

Can you show as the photos they took

when is the next one coming

Propaganda! AS IF briefs were feminine wear? Cartoons or not the lesbian anti masculine front is emasculating males and its working! Hanes stopped making briefs in regular sizes 30, 32, 34, 36 etc now they are only available in sm, med and lg. Good luck finding the right fit! The anti male conspiracy wants to hide your penis. Its gross to them. All dress slacks for men have pleated waists today. No bulge is visible, great for anti male feminists and homophobes. Beware the backlash!!! Boxers are for anti male feminists and homophobes who are offended by a male bulge. The sad part is men and boys are falling for it and not wearing briefs. I guess you all want a lesbian feminist girlfriend! Maybe you're so insecure you don't want anybody to see a bulge in your pants? Might as well be gay! But no, gay men are the only ones who still like briefs so you wouldn't fit in.

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Hey txt me at 1(760)613-4238

must of hurt but sounds fun

i wudve wet my pants just being there in front of them in only panties

U think ur embarrassed well my name is jennifer im 14 and i have an older brother whos twenty two and here is my wedgie story so it was last january like right after new years which is close to my mom and dads anniversary so my dad took my mom on a two week cruse and left me home with my 22year old brother and for three days every thing went fine until my brother told me to take a shower early because he was having a party and hed only let me party if i showerd so i went to the bathroom with my clothes and i take 30-45 min showers so some time wile i was taking my shower he opened the door and stole my clothes eccept for my blue panties and bra so i thought the party doesnt start for an hour so i put on my panties and bra and walk out to ask him for my clothes back he has done this to me before and hed allways give me my clothes back so i walk out and to of his colledge friends grabbed me took me in his room and tied me up and this is gross but it part of the story but they gagged me by putting a wet pair of his underwaer in my mouth and putting duct tape over it so i couldnt spit it out and im tellin u right now that the underwear wasnt wet from water it was pee ok so they kept taking pictures of me threatening to send the pictures to every one of my contacts accept my mom and dad innless i did him a favor so i said yes thinking what could be worse than every one i no seeing that picture so we go out side in the back yard luckily we had a private fence but one thing the most popular handsom coolest people from my school were there and remember im still in my underwear andi tried to resist but he made me take off my panties (inside of corse) and made me put on a booty skirt and walk around out side then he made me face away from the people and bend over so they would see half of my butt so i do then his friend pulled my skirt up so then i run into my house and remember this is in january and i live in ohio so it was cold but they caught me before i got to my room and they bring me back outside and give me an atomic wedgie then they scoop up some snow and put it in my panties so my but num and they bring me back in the house wedgie hang me in his closet now i can get down but i need my hands to the reason i cant is because he hand cuffed me in beetween my panties so the only way to escape was to give myself a super painful wedgie he calls the saw this is how it works u pull up on the back of the underwear and then the front and i know it hurt because he used to give them to me all the time until he went to colledge so he made tge key into a necklas and put it around my neck so after 3-4hours i had to pee so i descided enough was enough and i yanked on the hand cuffs and gave myself the most painful wedgie ever just think of the worst rug burn uve ever had and multipy it by 1 thousand so i got the key and freed myself i ran out the door and boy that was a mistake they were waiting for me to free myself and then they tied me up and gagged me with the wet underwear and through me in the garage in my underwear and my garage is ten if not twenty degrees colder tha it is outside it was like 19 degrees outside they left me there for two hours at least then they made me drink water till i peed myself and they filmed it to and showed every one

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wow sounds like a fun time xcept for being hard in front of the guys we cant help it u know

have them wedgie me i live 504 east main street

txt me at 804-238-2417 plz thaT WAS A GOOD STORY

txt me at 804-238-2417 plz thaT WAS A GOOD STORY

Txt me 4156637553 if u have more stories

awesome story dudE

sounds like a nice time but next time, try to "axadentaly" take off ur panties too. :)