I Love Tighty Whities!

I am 20 years old and love to wear briefs. Boxers can bunch up and get all twisted when I sleep. They also fail to support my "stuff" like briefs do. I enjoy the feel and I like how I look in them. When I'm home alone I'll often walk around the house in my underwear and I feel great doing it. I don't know why boxers are so popular when tighty whites are just so comfortable.

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I wear tighty whities too. I'm 28 years old fatty boy. Anybody to meet? ;-)

I think they're hot on a guy with a nice body. They can't be too baggy on the ***, they have to be clean and white. No SM. Guys in the **** industry wear them because they're supposed ot make your loads bigger. I like the look. I hate the grey boxer briefs from hanes that every guy around my age seems to wear and i hate the boxers that all the old guys wear. I wish i was my age in the 80's.

I forgot my gym shorts in the gym and decided to workout in just a pair of tight whities.

After my workout the gym owner came up to me and told me that others in the gym thought
I should always workout in just my underwear.

I love wearing tighty whites but i am embarassed in the lockerroom at school

tighty whities rock

I agree alot would love to see you in your Tighty Whites. Lol

proud to tuck my white T shirt into my white briefs, when I bend over you can clearly see the brand I'm wearing, Hanes, FOTL, or Staffords!

I'd like to see you bend over too. Lol

I also had a Tighty whities experience, I was in my Go Diego Go Tighty Whities and I was at school, and I was at school. And I was in the locker room and I had my long shirt on to cover them, and I took my pants off, and a punk took my shirt off, and showed my Tighty Whities. And shoved me in the Girls locker room. A girl grabbed my Go Diego Go Tighty Whities and hung me on a locker. At that very day there was a assembly durring that period. And so a girl got a rope and tied me to a basketball hoop and made sure I can not escape. I was so embarased infront of the entire school, and someone pulled my undies down. I was SUPER imbarased. And that is my story

Im so sorry for what happened to you i aslo have diego briefs and had been laughed at for wearing them so i know how you feel

I was boxer then tried thongs anx then had it all. Went back to strickly boxer so people wouldnt think me wierd bub in the last few weeks ive bought and undies and and none was boxer. I got the briefs or tighty whities and bikinis and thongs. And started wearing them all all throughout my weeks to see what truely workz and i had on some tighty whities and went for a short walk and was hating life. I think if you guys love your whities and all their flawz then adjusting to thongs is gunna be easy. The only thing that will screw with you is when you slide off the couch or anything on your but your gunna be expecting to pick at you whities or have half a wedgie. Thongs nope. I dare any of you to try them and see what happens. Take the tighty whity thong challenge.

I love tighty whities an wear them all the time. I have not had any problems with them and am wearing them now. i sometimes wear colored briefs and boxer briefs too. love to trade them as well.

I like briefs too

@Benjaminfoster59- just tell your Parents that you need white briefs for something specific or get a gift card to Walmart or something then go online an order some from the website(it's even cheaper online too)... Anyways I wore briefs until I was in 6th grade then I wore boxers to be "cool" but then they ripped in the crotch area within 5 weeks so I went to boxerbreifs. They bunched up soo much and I hated it... I'm now in 9th grade and in high school and I AM PROUD TO SAY "I WEAR WHITEY TIGHIES AND I LOVE IT!!!!" never going to stop from here on out.:)

do you like wedgies?

I wish I had breifs. Boxers suck! I'm too scared to ask my parents for them though. Any tips?

just ask or get a gift card or a credit card

I wish I had breifs. Boxers suck! I'm too scared to ask my parents for them though.

I think young dudes are totally sexy in white briefs, I used to stain mine all the time with my underwear fetish.


Briefs comfort you...even when you get wedgies! I like to wear like eight pairs of briefs at once to school for some reason...lol

I agree dudes, nothin wrong with wearin your tighty whites, Hanes, FOTL, Jockey, Staffords, full cut briefs, white T tucked into the briefs, dont care if someone sees my whities when im bending over

White, fly front Fruit of the Looms or Hanes. The only thing a man needs to wear. I live in a remote area and only wear briefs when possible. The right size and the right fit are important.

White briefs are very comfortable especially if you have on the correct size. I only wear white briefs. Jockey are the most comfortable, I also wear Munsingwear, Tiger, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, and sometimes Hanes. The whiter the better. Underwear should be a choice you make ba<x>sed on your comfort and not what others think. Wear what you like and don't be afraid.

iIwear white briefs tighty whiteys i like all makes from the Ebay web site i managed to get so large boys Aertex yfonts and sting briefs they give me a rock solid hard on.

I like how they make my hard on look too would love to see your hard on. Lol

While I have been wearing tighty whities since 16years old I am 59 now and still love them. I agree with everyone about the comforts and benefits of wearing them. And I dont care what anyone says about them I am not ashamed about anyone knowing that I wear them because I am not embarrassed about it in fact I love it when they find out. I wear them and I am proud of it . You know what they say men wear boxers, but real men wear tighty whities.

Wear what you want, what feels good,and what your comfortable in. I think that if you spend all your time trying to be accepted for your underwear choice than you are trying to be accepted by the wrong idiots. <br />
Briefs are cool, they have always been cool and guys who wear boxers have NO style and NO class.<br />
Briefs dont have to be tight. They should not be baggy. Try 2Xist fly front briefs for amazing fit or Fruit of the loom briefs. If you want color go for American Apparel. <br />
Stop worrying about what others think, be yourself.

I agree guys, ive been wearin briefs my whole life, dont care what other dudes say, i'm in it for comfort and looks! tighty whities all the way, Hanes, Jockey, 2xist, Staffords, Tiger

i have had a bad experience once too with tightey whities. When i was in ninth grade i was at a spend the night party with all my friends and my friends brother also had friends over that were seniors. All us ninth graders were going to play a practical joke on the seniors and go downstairs while they were asleep and put shaving cream and icy hot on them. Also we were going to buzz this one kids hair that it obsessed with it being perfect. Well they all woke up and everyone scattered on of the seniors grabbed me and just like that i was the only on left behind. I was sitting there and they told me that i better tell them what exactly we were about to do and every time they asked and i didnt tell they would take an article of clothing off me untill i was naked and then they were going to send a naked pick if me tied up to alot of the senior girls. So they asked me but i couldnt betray my friends so they started to stripp me down. I was down to my gym shorts and tightey whities when they asked me again. I said nothing we were going to do nothing. Thats when one of the seniors grabbed my gym shorts and shanked me. They all started dying out laughing at me and i was laying there in nothing but my tightey whities. I was so embarressed they made joke on me and said things like nice skid marks and where are you smuggling those grapes too. I knew that i was in for a highschool career known as the tighy whitie boy. So i was still laying there and they asked me one final time before stripping me naked what we had planned on doing to them. I said nothing they started to pull my tightey whites down and i yelled wait. They had already seen me in my tightey whities that was embarrising enough i couldnt be known as the kid with the little weiner as well. When i told them what all we had planned for them the got my underwear and pulled it over my head. I started crying like a baby and about that time i fell too the floor naked they had ripped them completely off me. They then snapped a photo of me and tied me up and took me up to all my ninth grade friends. They used me as an example and rubbed icy hot all over my balls and then buzzed spots in my hair whith the hair clippers. All my friends were laughing and so were the seniors. it was tramatic and now my nick name had been tighty whitie boy ever since. It sucks i threw all of my tightey whites away! Wouldnt you?

Ive been wearing tighty whities all my life, Hanes, FOTL, Jockey Staffords, full cut, waistband showing when i can!

I got my pants pulled down in highschool and was wearing tightey whities and got made fun of for the rest of my highschool days! I aslo recieved contless wedgies from uperclassman that did not feel very good. Im scarred, i cant bring myself to wear them anymore.