On A School Trip

All the way up until 6th grade I wore tighty whities. I loved my white briefs but by 6th grade, most guys had switched to boxers. I would change in one section of the locker room with all of the other tighty whitey wearers, to avoid bullies. I had to eventually switch to boxers, but I hated them so by the time 7th grade rolled around, I wore boxer briefs, which became increasingly popular. I didn't care for those either but in 7th grade I met a boy who became my good friend and we were both well liked kids. That boy was popular, like I had become, and he only wore Hanes white briefs with a grey waistband. So I decided to switch back to tighty whities because I didn't care what people thought. (Best decision ever). I had no problems at first, since I was well liked and my friends respected my choice, until the 8th grade Washington DC trip. I had to room with two of my good friends (two of the grade's most popular kids) and one kid who was pretty nerdy and thought he was friends with the two cool boys. The nerdy boy laughed at me when I emerged out of the shower and I was mad because I had nothing to say to him. I was embarrassed and he continued laughing until one of my friends (who wears boxer briefs and was also offended) shut him up.
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Well done and comfortable

I'm proud of you! You handled that very well. Your underwear doesn't make you popular your skills and knowledge are your strong points. You are a smart young man, don't allow others to change your knowledge. Don't stop being smart to fit in with others. I wish you the best in your life!