I've worn tighty whities ever since I was young but I mostly wore briefs at home so I wouldn't expose my white briefs. I would wear boxers around my friends and family and also at school. I wear boxer briefs but there not as comfortable as briefs. They don't give enough support. I'm 17 and still wear briefs but I mostly wear boxer briefs in public. I love briefs.
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To this day i still love briefs, especially white ones, i am wearing the same as you in the picture as i type this. They are amazing!

Indeed they are! You should add me!

Briefs are awesome! Hope you're able to wear them more often now.

i've worn tighty whities all my life, never been bothered what anybody else thinks, it is my choice what underwear i wear

I agree. But how often do other guys see your underwear. I get seen at gym , and if theyre showing over jeans. Also odd times elsewhere

Sensible lad. Fashions change but you know where you are with a white pair of y fronts.
As a kid I was made to wear them in to my teens when all my mates had moved to boxers but once I didnt have to wear them I realised how good they were.
So thats certainly my choice.
As a kid you could also get "string" white y fronts, anyone rmember them