Just want to say that I am a new member, and have read these stories and enjoy them. I am a loyal tighty whities wearer and don't ever plan on changing that! I grew up wearing mostly Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, or JC Penney white briefs until around 7th grade when my mother bought me a few packs of white Jockey briefs with the Y fly. I wore Jockeys all the way through high school until my senior year when I moved from a rural school where just about every guy wore white briefs to a larger school in the midwest and I found out the first day I had to change in front of everyone that I was one of only a few that was in classic white briefs. I got a few comments about my "nice tighty whities" and vowed to get some boxers. I picked some up that day and wore them the next day... and hated every second of it. No support, they were ugly, and very uncomfortable. I tried boxer briefs, but in the end, I decided to wear what I like and was back in the locker room again sporting some white Jockeys. I am 31 years old now and have a drawer full of white briefs of different brands and styles and its always a tough decision every morning to pick out the pair I want to wear under my pants that particular day. Im lounging in a pair of white Hanes as I write this :) Hope you like it! More stories to follow. Also, feel free to hit me up and chat about tighty whities!!!
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I still wear JC PENNEY low-rise with the black & gold stripes

I hear you. Back in the day I grew up in Jockey classic whites and JCPenney Stafford white briefs. Came back-to-school time when headed for Jr High and while shopping Dad asked if I needed new underwear. I said 'no' I'm good for now, maybe some undershirts though. While buying corduroys, jeans and shirts we headed over to the underwear section and he tossed a couple 6 packs of white undershirts in the cart and then tossed in a couple of 6 packs of Jockey boxer shorts. I said that I wear Jockey briefs not the boxers. He said he knew and that it was time for change. He said going to Jr High it was time to ditch the tighty whities and start wearing boxers. He said I'd thank him for this. The next morning getting ready for the first day of school it was trash day so Dad stopped by my room to empty my bathroom wastebasket. He asked if I had put my new underwear in the dresser. I said 'no' and he replied that today was the day to get rid of my old underwear before the garbage man arrived. He held out the wastebasket by my dresser and told me to toss them all in. I chucked all but a half dozen that were in the back of the drawer. He noticed them and said it's time to get rid of them...all of them. He even noticed my jockstrap and said 'that goes to' as he tossed it in the wastebasket. I was told I had all new underwear and two new jocks and that this stuff was all trash that needed to go. He noticed the only pair of Jockeys I still owned was on me and said as he was leaving with the wastebasket that I should put on my new underwear and that he'd pick up that last pair in a minute when he circled back. He went out into the hall and dumped my entire collection of Jockey and Stafford briefs into the big trash bag he was collecting around the house. He came back in my room and as he passed I tossed my last pair of Jockeys into the empty wastebasket to comply. After he left, I went into my bathroom to retrieve the last pair out of the wastebasket but it was too late. He must have grabbed even that very last pair for the garbage collection. I wasn't sure about these boxers I had on but knew how comfortable and how well my old Jockeys and Staffords had served me all these years. I could see from my bedroom window upstairs as Dad took that last bag out and dropped it on the curb as all our trash cans were already full. I really wanted to rescue my old Jockeys but I could see the garbage truck coming up our street and Dad was in the garage straight up the driveway from the crime scene. Not a chance! I can't say it didn't hurt to see them meet their fate as the truck stopped at our house and the cans were dumped in the rear loader. Once the cans were gone the garbage man saw the lone bag with all my briefs in it sitting in back. He reached for it and tossed it in with all the other garbage. He pulled the lever on his truck and in a few seconds they were all gone. It was time to finish dressing and head off to school. I grabbed my pants and noticed my new boxer fronts were wet and sticky. I guess I cared more about those briefs than I knew. I pulled off the new boxers and put on a clean pair. As I tossed the boxers in my bathroom hamper I stopped as I saw a pair of worn Jockey briefs on top of the laundry. Glad to see them, I dug deeper and found two more pairs. Remembering I had packed my gym clothes already I retrieved one more pair in my backpack. Whew! Turns out, I hated boxers and wore the living daylights out of these last few prized pairs I had. Believe me, there wasn't a week went by that I hadn't cycled through all four of them. Mom just washed whatever I wore, folded it and put the clean clothes on my bed, so my remaining briefs were safe. They were well worn until the day Dad took a day off and helping Mom brought up my clothes. He set down a stack of folded boxers and shook the handful of Jockey briefs in front of me asking where they came from. He said he thought we trashed all of them. I said there were a few pair in my laundry hamper that came back clean after we had tossed out all the others. He looked at them and said I shouldn't be wearing these anymore and what's more they were all worn out and should go out in the trash. He asked if I wanted him to get rid of them for me and I said 'no' that I would take care of them as he set them down with the boxers. It went against my grain but I knew that since I had said I'd take care of them, that they needed to go this time, every last one of them. The next day was trash day and when he dumped my wastebasket there were my last few Jockeys. He said that he was glad to see the end of these finally going out to the trash today. He left me the bag to take out as I headed to the bus. I dropped the bag in the trash can and waited for my bus. As the bus pulled away, I could see the garbage man dumping the can in his truck. And that was it. Years later, after college, as my laundry still went home, the boxers all met their fate and the Jockeys came back for good.

What a messed up story. Guys should wear whats comfy, and I agree... Jockey Y fronts and Staffords are about as comfy as it gets!

Tell me about it. Seemed Dad was obsessed with ridding me of all briefs. The day he found the four surviving briefs in the laundry you'd have thought I committed a crime. He was convinced that no men wore briefs and once you grew out of boyhood it was high time to dispose of them....for good. He did relay a story for me to 'learn' from of a guy on his dorm floor in college who's Dad didn't look out for him. I was told this guy was walking down the hallway in his tighty's headed for the shower wih towel in hand. As the floor was all guys, it was a given that you could walk around in just your underwear at night or early mornings enroute to the showers or the head. He shared the merciless abuse this guy took including the nickname he received that stuck with him for quite a while as the result of wearing those tighty's. The guy stuck it out on the floor and usually had a quick 'come back' like threatening to wear no underwear in the hallway if they preferred. As the ribbing didn't die down, he finally gave up and picked up a few packs of boxers so he could get beyond all this drama about his underwear almost daily. In the end, he shot back at his detractors one last time as he insisted what I am about to share was not pre-mediated, but thought up on the spur of the moment. You see, he had tossed all his briefs in the waste can in his room and was on his way down the hall to the trash chute where they dumped out trash. He figured the briefs would all be safely out of sight for good down there as it fed directly into a trash compactor in the basement. He claims that just as he was about to dump the can in the chute he had a second idea. He turned around and hung a pair on each guy's doorknob that gave him grief on the topic before returning to the trash room with the remaining pair that went down the chute. After the initial reaction, with most guys admitting that you've got to take what you give, he never heard another comment about his underwear....or his old nickname.

i was shamed into switching to boxers in HS freshman year gym. I was small (height, weight, and junk). I was wearing boys size Jockey briefs. I was ridiculed by everyone for wearing 'em. It only got worse when I had to shower! I was 5'3" and 90 lbs. SOOO, I switched to bowers...hated them. When I went away to college, I PROMPTLY bought myself briefs. It wasn't a big deal in college. But I did laundry and got a red cap mixed in...PINK. Every tshirt and brief was PINK. I took serious ribbing over that...