Just went back to wearing briefs. Wore them sinc I was young till about 13. My mom would always buy them for me and my brothers. Everyone wore them even my close friends did, but didn't find out it wasn't common untill I got to highschool.

Freshman year I change to boxers once I found out they weren't the norm.

Now that I'm in college I decided to switch back. They are just more supportive and more comfortable. Also added black and grey ones to the mix. Never going back. I also feel like they are making a comeback in popularity.
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

I did the same thing man! Me and all my friends wore tighty whities and remember playing in them when we were kids. I got to highschool ad switched to be normal. When I moved
To college I got back in my tighty whities and haven't looked back since. I Often look to see if guys wear them ad find that a lot do.