Except When The Room Mate Is Home.

What can I say it's summer, it gets warm and clothes are so restrictive.
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6 Responses Jul 14, 2010

You say you wear very little at home except when the room mate is home. Is the room mate not comfortable seeing you nude? The two of you live in the same space. Each should be able to dress or undress to live comfortably. Whether clothed or nude should not necessarily be offensive to either room mate in my thinking.

I like to wear as little as possible around the house. Usually just underwear. I prefer string bikinis and thongs, but only the kind made for my gender, male. If the fit is right, they are very comfortable and make me feel a bit sexy.

Im not a nudist really, I do wear clothes around the house, but sometimes I like to come home and just relax, without clothes. I wouldn't want to put off potential roomates. I can be good.

Well my room mate is moving out (moving back home), so I'll have the place to myself soon enough. I'll be glad for the freedom, maybe in my look for a new roomate i should put clothes optional.

One of the advatages of living alone, who cares what you wear or not. Saves on wear and tear of your leasure clothes and you won't have to set that a/c control on 68 to keep cool.

I guess its animal instincts!