Cool And Comfy ;)

it really  makes me feel comfortable wearing little at home... but i see to it that the whole house closed before i roam around especially when i just come out of the bathroom after taking a makes me move freely! but there was a time when my grandma was at home..she woke up while all of us are still in bed..she used to open the windows every morning..i woke up  and thought of changing clothes and when i get out of the room(not knowing that my grandma opened the window) there was a mail man yelling at my grandma telling her to get the mail outside while seeing me through the window
wearing only my bra and boyleg..gosh! was extremely made me run quickly to the bathroom! after that incident...i dont want to talk to my grandma about opening the window!...i just want not to talk to her because she was laughing at me while running almost half naked!
missanonymouz missanonymouz
26-30, F
Jul 16, 2010