Pretty Much Panties And A Tee Or Tank Top At Home, If Not Totally Naked

It's just more comfortable that way. It is my house afterall, and if I don't have any guests it's silly to be fully dressed all the time. I hated it when I lived with a male, platonic roommate who I wasn't very close with. I had to be fully clothed at home. Now that I live with my sig. others, I can be naked or scantily-clad whenever I please. I love it! In the winter I'm wearing more usually to stay warm out of practicality, but I'll usually (unless I'm entertaining of course) have some warm pj bottoms and a comfy shirt of some kind.
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4 Responses Jul 25, 2010

When the house is empty, my closet is full. I wear as little as possible as often as possible. So, it's boxers and a T or nothing at all. When the cooler weather comes, it's boxers and a T..... and slippers.

I too live by myself, most of the time anyway, I live in Az., it's hot here most of the time, nothing is better than to shed my clothes after work, if I don't have to go anywhere I may not put clothes on till monday morning.

I love beeing naked at my house it feels like I'm in my own little world lol I only wear clothes when I have people over

lol.... well, i'll tell you something.... there is nothing so fine as walking around my home naked. as soon as i enter my door after a hard day of working.... i am dropping my clothes with every step i take. .... lol i am airing myself out! ;~)