Work At Home, So Why Bother?

I sleep nude and (obviously) I shower nude, so why bother then putting on much clothing unless I have to go out?

I do have to don a t-shirt because I work next to a window which is adjacent to a heavily used pathway in my housing complex but I normally can take off the shirt after dark because the pathway is rarely used at night. I rarely have company so no "fall back" clothing is available. I simply announce to any unexpected visitors that I am minimally clothed (or nude) and if they don't choose to see me in that state, to please call ahead the next time before dropping in. There have been a few brave souls who choose to come in under those circumstances, but most leave and then call ahead the next time.

I have been the only one totally nude in a group of people but, since that happened at the home of a friend, it doesn't qualify as "at home" and is probably best told in the setting of another group.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I'm also a home nudist. My wife is usually nude but sometimes wears just panties or shorts.

When I work at home, I am usually nude in warmer weather and a robe in cold weather. I keep a dress or robe nearby to throw on if I need to. I don't mind being nude with people, but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.