I am a steaker at home. I have been known to flash the pool guy in my bra and panties. I love wearing just a bra and panties. It makes me feel sexy. Sometimes i wear just a t-shirt and other times it will be a tank top and underwear. I like to wear nothing sometimes.
You have to be comfortable in your own home, you know. And you never know just who may show up. Gotta be ready for anything right?
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Nude right now after getting up at 5:55 and going for a walk/light run around 6:30 a.m. I also have a specially enhanced long t-shirt I wear for the walks most days, it has the side cut out from the elbow on the sleeve to below the hip, so it is extremely ventilated. Other than a pair of Nike running shoes and short socks, the t-shirt was all I wore for my walk. It felt next-to-wonderful to have the cool morning air swirling all around my body and to also be in a setting I know well. Usually the walk is about a half-hour and I get out earlier in the day, but I also do not go everyday.

If someone sees me during these walks I am prepared to explain the t-shirt as, "extreme fitness gear" and "the least I can wear while still being legal." Usually I see nobody that early in the morning, but I few cars or trucks do pass me by. What can they say? I figure most are on the way to work or another appointment so early in the morning, and so as long as I am not showing anything inappropriate, what would be the point to taking 'offense' and interrupting their schedule to stop. These walks are just enough for me to break a sweat, so when I get home it is either directly into the shower to clean-up for work, or stripping off and "air drying" (letting the body do what is was designed to do!).

This is the best time of day to do anything in peace, in the nude and happily. It confirms to me that life is good and simple nudity is an essential part of what makes it that way!

And why should you have to wear anything in you own home; I don't

living nude at home is the best way to live am nude all the time when i am home would be great next door to you............

Id like to nock on your door.

Dad is my father.

lascuevas-you wear a tee and nothing else when your dad is home?<br />
by dad-do you mean father or lover? sometimes others call their lovers "sugar daddy"

LOL. I like being nude also. I find being nude is so comf'table. But when dad is at home I wear one of his tees with nothing else on. I also sleep nude.

I'm the same way. Home alone all day. I usually wear panties or nothing. I hate the thought that winter is coming. I love the comfort of being able to dress as I want and go outside and skinny dip in my pool. Now we do have more than one thing in common. What we wear or don't wear or skinny dipping. I would liove to ahve you pop over and catch me as I am. Hmmm what a thought.

Sounds like fun. Come enjoy the pool! Maybe you can pamper me a little...

I agree, I'm naked most of the time at home, except when we have friends around, then my wife makes me get dressed.

Mmmm :)

heehee! I would share, you know..

Why cant i have you living nextdoor? lol