Naked Sundays

When I was dating my now ex-gf, we used to celebrate "naked Sundays", which were primarily comprised of spooning on the couch watching dvd's all day.  Of course, that later morphed into playing naked tetris on playstation..  Since we broke up, however, and it's just me and my dog living here, I find myself wearing a little as possible.  I could never be a nudist - don't have the courage or self-confidence for that - but late at night, I have walked my dog naked in my yard on nights when the moon (and my moon) is dimly lit   Though, it's tick season and I don't do that very often.  Not much worse than having to remove a tick from a testicle.

AaaaaaRGH AaaaaaRGH
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I have a very secluded back yard, and have mowed the lawn naked, no bug bites, no body damage just enjoyed the sun.

All depends on the individual and the limitations of his/her imagination.

Nooooo..... I so imagination doesn't paint a picture close enough for perverse satisfaction. ; )

An active imagination is always better than an embarrassing video.

Eeeeps Pamster....a tick on the tip of his Penis of all places! Hope he learnt his lesson..<br />
<br />
And Aaaaargh....what in tarnation were u doing walking your dog naked in tick season and not thinking to post the video for us...your readers!!! tsk tsk tsk

I can't believe it took three pages of responses before someone finally asked about that friggin' tick.<br />
<br />
Sadly, it was my own testicle that my little tick friend had attached himself to, and it wasn't from walking my dog, but from riding my atv through the woods. Fortunately, he hadn't yet burrowed and was relatively easy to remove. Though, it still kinda freaked me out.

OUCH! I can only imagine how much that would hurt!!!! Now, is that YOUR testicle or your dogs??? LOL!

it's shiny? allow me to excuse myself while i go and powder my, um, nose.

Mine was awhile ago too. I only did it once but I felt so free. Not sure my neighbors would have shared the same feeling of freedom as I did

Can't find the lot number and looking at the color palette, there appears to be about fifty shades of white. It would be so much easier if my *** was tattooed with a UPC code.

Make sure to find the lot number...sounds like it was a whole lot of faulty cracks.....*giggles*

I just can't leave you people alone for one second, can i? I run to the store, and find that both pam (and now that i realize it) my own moon has a crack in it? did you break our moons? if i could find a receipt, i swear, i'd go a'knocking on my mothers va jay jay and ask for a refund.

hehe .. pamster won't be upset ... she has a good sense of humour (ducks anyway - just in case!) lol

Absolutely, thats why they have been around sooooooo long!

"WIB, Duck, here comes Pamster...and she don't look happy....."

the old jokes are the best! lol heard it here first, folks! = P

oh definitely pamster's moon shining ... but I think she needs a new one ... her's has a crack in it ... lmao

WIB, are you refering to the moon in the sky or Pamsters moon shining in the darkness?? I gotta know...lmao...

oooh shiny!!!

depending upon what time of the month, two full moons...

Very nice image Aaargh ... naked dog walking and ticks on the testicles ... and a full moon.

The question is where do you live? The answer is...naked road trip!

Umm...where do you live again? lmao.....want to be sure and avoid the area....<br />
<br />
I do commend you for having the courage , er' "the balls" to confess though.<br />
<br />