My Man Loves It

Right now I am roasting hot.  All I have on is a pair of little hot pink short shorts & a thin, spaghetti strap tank top in grey.  My husband calls these bottoms my "sex shorts" because I go commando when I'm this hot & if I bend over, he gets a nice view!  Too bad he's writing songs with his guitarist tonight, I wouldn't mind taking it all off!  TOO HOT!
Rainbowglow Rainbowglow
31-35, F
5 Responses May 7, 2011

Rainbowglow, you sound so much enjoying what your husband love doing to you. He must be a very imaginative person to make you feel so excited. 4 hours of music a week and the rest are just pure sensual and helpless enjoyment.................... lucky you.

I like leaving a little to imagination, even though being married, there's not much left to wonder about lol!

@ letsdoit - I'm not hurting for affection or sex, I can tell you that! It was his one 4 hour practice all week, so I gave him a break :)

You paint a nice vision, it is a shame that he thinks more for the music and his woman.<br />
Skimmpy is always better than naked I think...always makes one think what is underneth.

For me, it doesn't always feel better. Nude feels good if I don't have to do anything, just lay out spread-eagled. I like light fabrics as they can keep certain hot body parts from touching other ones Lol! Like, I want the shorts or my thighs will get too hot & sweaty if they are just touching themselves. I need a top, some fabric under my breasts, or they get hot & sweaty & to me, it feels gross! If I'm gonna be getting slimy with my own sweat, I want to be exercising!