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Clothing Optional Home

I don't wear much, simply because clothes are unconfortable. I usually have a robe handy if someone knocks at the door. Well, there was that time when the Mormans knocked at the door, but that's a story for another time. They wont be knocking at my door anymore. If I had a choice, I would probably live clothes free all of the time. My children enjoy the same freedom in a safe home enviroment.
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Sitting naked on the patio with a adult beverage as I type this enjoying alittle clothes free time.<br />
<br />
I'll have to put clothes on after while, drat, I have to go to a dinner party.

I feel right at home in this group. I feel no shame about my body, even at age sixty-seven. :-)

Living in the country has its advantages and nudity outside is one of them. I keep a robe handy as does my daughter, but my granddaughter doesn't seem to care and my grandson has mixed feelings about being naked in front of others.

I am the same way, when at home being naked is the best. I have a pool and a hot tub so if i am in the back yard i'm always nude. i hope everyone that is writting here gets to be nude out doors.

I am glad some people feel that nudity is normal I think sex is normal too

You have the right to wear, or not wear in your home!

I am of the same mind its great.

It is true that without clothes the body breathes better, I believe that the spirit also.

Clothing freedom is a joy. Neighbours may not like it so much in close-set housing like we have. But I have greeted the electricity meter reader in a long silk nightie, and I often walk in as a man, out as a woman. And nakedness is the most natural of all where privacy allows.

Good plan!!

affinityterra,<br />
<br />
sounds like my house only I don't have a robe handy. I usually have a towel nearby.<br />
My home you and dress or undress to your comfort, just don't expect me to wear anything.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Having a robe handy is the key.<br />
Same here.