At Home Nudist

I feel once I walk in my front door, my clothes should hit the floor. I love just hanging out chilling watching t.v in the nude. My home is my place of peace and I'm so peaceful when the air is sweeping over my cool skin. If I must its nothing but a tee-shirt three times to big for me. Clothes at home is crazy to me. Love my nudist quality time.
LustfulWingz LustfulWingz
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10 Responses Aug 19, 2011

I love to be naked anywhere I can, away from public view of course. I am naked every chance I get, either at my house, or a friends. I only have 2 friends who know, and are cool with me being naked, hanging out with them at their house. Wish more people didn't make such a big deal about being naked.

I agree. Nothing better than arrive at home and leave the daily problems in the outside. In this moments, the best is to be comfortable with yourself and nothing better than nudism. I call this of the best hour in the day.

I ***** as soon as I get home. never wear clothes at home.

same here soon as i get home i ***** off and stay naked till i have to go to work next morning.


yes know how you feel I am the same dont wear clothes if I dont have to stay nude .

You're not the only one, Many of us here on EP feel that way! Have a happy naked day!<br />
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nice to know ........i also like shed my cloths once i cross the front door ... but not possible for me

I live in Arizona, where it's hot most of the time, I start removing clothing the minute I get in the door, I'm naked most of the time at home.

Thats nice, thats what I do too..wear very little...and absolutely no underwears.