Never Anything Much.

Since I live with just my boyfriend, there really isn't much of a reason for me to cover up. Usually just a shirt and panties does the trick, although most times just a shirt will suffice. (But I always wear bottoms when I have my period!) And I guess it depends on the time of year too. During winter I might wear a hoodie on top of everything, but sometimes during the summer I won't wear anything at all!

I guess it started with my ex, since I lived with him and we never really wore much. But since I've moved in with my boyfriend, he says it's fine, and that it's good because it saves having to do more laundry, too. So, we both never really wear much while at home, just both of us in shirts and him in boxer shorts. And, I don't know exactly what it is, but I guess since I was raised in a bit of a strict household, it feels good to be a little more free in my everyday decisions.
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We go on naturist holidays (vacations) not only do we have less laundry when we get home, but we don't have to carry heavy cases around an airport.

Just practice as much nudity that you can in a clothing optional environment. I love the naturist videos on Everyday men like me who try to be nude as much as possible. There is another John in those videos who I admire. He shows with just enough bravery you can be nude as much as possible.

Very good, just gradually move on to living without clothes, that's really great!

Hah, I don't think that'd be very practical... or legal!

ha ha...i would do that just for the laundry part if i could :)

Yeah, we're both broke students so we do our best to save money. And I have to admit it's both practical and sexy! :D

win win! :D that's great

Wait, the best would be no panties, and a hoody that Just covers half your to the nth degree....your bf is a lucky man!

Hah, yeah, I do that sometimes. But when the weather is bad enough that I have to wear a hoodie inside, there's a good chance I'm going to be wearing something so I don't freeze my butt off! Haha.

Lol....gotcha. Still makes for a great visual! Lol

Oh and I'm not the donkey whips and whatever guy.... Just like a good conversation every now and then.

I agree with funky up above. Definitely a good and secure relationship you've got!

Thanks. :)

I grew up in a clothing opp home with a sister one year older than me, we never wore much if anything during the summer, my mom was topless much of the time. If it was cool my sister would wear an old tee shirt or her pajama top, sometimes she would wear the top of my jams and I would wear the bottom.

My family would've never allowed that. Lucky you. :P