well my kids moved back home and when then go to work i can take everything off i can be free. seem like they are here more and i can't be free.
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There is absolutely nothing illegal about being nude in the privacy of your own home. What happens to nudist families? And no one even seems to be underage as well. My parents were not particularly shy about occasional nudity.

Since life gives us so little time, just go for it. If they don't like it,they'll move out. Otherwise they should accept you for who you are. Be free, be comfortable.

I go nude in the house, mostly upstairs in the master bedroom because I never know who may come over. So I have a pair of gym shorts handy just in case.<br />
My kids have all seen me nude and they were raised to not care about it. My daughter has gone to a naturist camp with me and she really enjoyed it.<br />
<br />
You see, in my mind there is nothing wrong with the human body and being nude.<br />
<br />
It is what "SOME" people "DO" when they are nude that may be wrong.

yes it is wrong. what peope do

I say to you to go nude and if the kids have a problem with it they don't have to live with you. I don't know where you live but in my state there are no laws against being nude in your own home.

You think I should ??? My might call the cops for being nude

just go for it or tell them what you are doing and see if they have a problem with it.