A Normal Day

My parents are always saying "put some more clothes on, the neighbors will see you" I think that is okay. I am usually prancing around the house in a tank top and a thong. Sometimes, even less! I feel comfortable in less clothes because its just me. I am always warm, so being naked cools me off. I sleep naked, with a fan on. Sometimes, when I am home alone, I get completely naked to do my chores. It makes me feel sexy as i bend over, cleaning the floor,reaching to clean the windows and folding those warm clothes. I bet my neighbors see me all the time, but I just enjoy giving them more of a show. ;D
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I am moving next door

OMG sounds delicious. Wish I were your next door neighbor. Then again I probably would not get any work done at all.

Love your story. I'm nude most of the time. I go to the back and front yard (we have walls) nude and it's great to be free of clothes. Of course, ladies give the best show. If I lived next door to you, I'd be quiet and just watch....:)

you have the same thought as i have i love to have a loose trouser in which any body can see the hanging and moving thing i feel enjoy when any one see it often it becomes hard and big when i am alone at home some time it happens that some stranger come and often our maid worker when she looks at me i am sure her mouth becomes watered and many other persons who see me in this position then i pretend to change my dress as if i am ready to go some where doing this they see my full naked body they enjoy and i also enjoy

Love to be your neighbour. I also like doing chores naked and none of my neighbours has ever said anything seeing me naked.

Cool, thats the way i am around the house. When my doughter lived with me she use to go almost naked aound the house. Untill her mom told her thats not right. Well her mom past a clouple of years ago and she is living with me again. But she still wont run around in nothing less than shorts and a t shirt. <br />
P.S. i would like to Daddy roll play...

If you are akmost nude and your daughter does not complain you are Daddyrollplaying. She wears clothes. Respect hjer decision.

I'd love to see you cleaning ;)

No kidding I wish I was your neighbor, you would get my attention.

Usually I just wear a bikini, when Im just home. My paarents are fine with it, and its not very hot ( the temprature not the other hot )

This is the way to be... As for the neighbours: put on some really hot show for them, hon! It's priceless! For both of you... :P

I know the feeling. I frequently work naked when I'm home and the family isn't. Who knows you enjoy home nudity?

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I like to sleep naked and do some chores naked, too, even outside sometimes. During our recent hot spell, I hung the laundry out to dry while I was naked.

When I was in high school my mom worked B shift, so she was usually gone when I got home from school and normally didn't get home until after I went to bed. I played volleyball and often got home from practice hot and sweaty, so I'd normally hop in the shower when I got home and then spend the rest of the afternoon and evening naked. It felt so free and natural.<br />
<br />
Oddly, my mother was very conservative and wouldn't have approved of my nudity, so I'd put pajamas on before I went to be, just in case she checked in on me when she got home! It wasn't until I was in college and my roommate worked up the nerve to ask me if I'd care if she slept in the nude that I started to try it myself.<br />
<br />
These days I'm naked whenever I can be. I have a secluded house and an even more secluded summer cottage. Durring the summer I often work from "home" at the cottage and have spent upwards of a month without putting on a stitch of clothes more than once or twice a week to go in to town.

Your the girl next door lol I had next neighbor did samething almost everyday even cold winters and I think she knew,I'm sure wasn't just me eitheir

You should try going outside wearing nothing, I do it all the time, You should also try going without a thong or panties under your school uniform When I was in school, 2 years ago...lol my g/f and I would always go without panties or thong, and wear skirts I was sent home one day because of how shrt my skirt was

Niice, I would really love to be your neighbour! Maybe even get a naughty gloryhole in the fence.. ;)

I am naked too. Even in winter I sleep naked. Imlove it when others see me naked and I am not ashamed for that either. You weart to much already, lol.

good for you if it makes you happy and comfortable dont let anyone stop you your home should feel that safe so keep on doing and enjoy happy naked life.

LD:<br />
<br />
I hope that you have the opportunity to go nude more. We should all be proud of our bodies, and there is nothing wrong with being seen nude. To the contrary, it is often quite pleasant to be seen while nude.

I love to be bare too! I am a little luckier than you though, because I can be nude all the time at home, and I sure take advantage of it! I love the tingles too, just like you. I am always warm too, and sleep naked without covers. <br />
<br />
I also love to play with my naked nipples to stay turned on, and I ********** to ****** a lot too. Do you enjoy playing with yourself? It is sooo delightful, and healthy too! It boosts your immune system and has many other benefits to keep you happy and feeling great!<br />
<br />

wow I didnt know that. Now ill be even more happy when im touching myself :P

I am sure your neighbors don't mind seeing you. You are a gorgeous girl. I would love to be your friend.

i walk around naked or in my things and bra it all depends how i feel lol x

My neighbors, who are women, have never complained about seeeing me naked. I work nights so I sleep (naked) during the day. With no a.c., in the summer it's sooo hot that I have the curtains and blinds open and couple fans going. I too am naked 99% of the time. Like I say, if I am alright with being naked, I'm alright being seen naked. In the past, I've had each neighbor bring me my mail or packages to my door and I always answer the door naked. I am comfortable being naked and even though I am not model material, my neighbors don't mind either.

I think thats cool........wish i could see that.......bet it would be amazing

i just stand looking out my window and into yours....... very sexy

try doing the chores nake with a butt plug in. you'll thank me later

I love the feelings too c: Though I don't give an open view to creepy people I don't know. I just sleep in the nude :3

My sister was like you. She was 3 years younger than me and could not resist touching and hugging her.