Only Mom,sis And Me

My dad left long ago so mom has been our dad n mom . Since its only been 3 females we never had to wear much around the house, My sis and i walk around only in panties until mom started bring her boy friends home and then sometimes we would forget and walk out of our room only wearing panties and mom would have a friend over . after my sis and i figured out that moms friends liked seeing our young firm small breast we would make a game out of teasing them when mom was in another room or if she was sleeping. we would act as if we didnt know he was there and walk out so he can see and give a lilflash then one of us would ask him if he can help get something from cabinets, thats when he will stand and we could see his bulge sticking out from his pants. sometimes we wear sexy bra and thong panty.
bethanniscurious bethanniscurious 18-21, F 26 Responses Apr 23, 2012

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I usually wear nothing and it's amazing how many neighbors wives and daughters find reasons to come visit all of the time.

i think i had a date with your mom once
you were luscious

Unbelievably hot story. Add me if you want to share more.


you were naughty girls lol

Love it

Did your mom ever told you to wear ur clothes when she had her friends? Does she spank you in front of them?

You should try the total naked option too!

That is beautiful. You are two great young Ladies.

You are sexy little minx, teasing your mom's bf that way. You know he wanted to do more than look at you... Did he? ;)

That is very sexy Beth Ann!

You do know how to tease...did it turn you on too?

very nice. One of my friends older sister used to do that to me when we were younger.

you were smart sexy little girls,i like that :)

Nice story. My wife and her mother lived together before we got married and they only wore light housecoats with nothing underneith. My wife said that many times one of her mothers boyfriends would pull up my wife's housecoat to see her naked body

Mmm very hot!

i bet you 2 did look hard just reading about you 2 in your panties :)

Sweet naughty girls you need it bad!!!!

You sound so much like my daughter... ;)

really? has she seen u having sex too?

yess sure :-)

Can I get your mom's number? I think I'd like to be her friend. :)

Very nice story, you and your sister are very naughty.

i would lick you nipples making them hard and then pull out my **** as you would then suck on it like a huge lolly pop

love to hear more of your stories!

I grew up in a clothing opp home with both parents, my dad was'nt into it as much as my mom, she was topless or naked much of the time during the summer months and she would just not bother puting clothes on my sister and myself from quite young so we thought the nudity was no big deal.

your welcome sweety

so cool sexy story

thank you sir

yes very hot! c**K teasers! = )