Not Wearing Clothes At All!

At home I don't wear anything at all. It happens usually during my holidays. I cover my breasts and vagina with the daily newspaper. I also had accidentally peed on the newspaper so my parents could not read it! They have no problem with me being nude. They say it is good habit for my growing parts. They even allow me to go skinny dipping at beaches and swimming pools.
sarah4444 sarah4444
18-21, F
7 Responses May 11, 2012

hey Im sure your dad likes seeing that.

There is nothing wrong with skinny dipping at beaches and pools, in fact it is much more comfortable as you do not have to sit around in wet clothing.

Can u message me plz

Wow Sara, great story. I love being naked. Nice pic. Like the way you described your pee. That's hot.

I think it is GREAT that you can do that at home I have been trying to do that at my house but my parents are NOT quite so understanding like yours are

It's great how they allow you to be comfortable at home...clothes are too irritating to relax in!

How old are u If I may ask we both enjoy the same thing