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Ever now and then I go nude all day I take a shower and I'm done till the next day
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I wouldn't call my parents nudist but in the summer not much clothing was worn, my mom was topless a lot, my dad wore a old pair of shorts that didn't hide much. <br />
From the time my sister and I were toddlers my mom would bathe us dry us and send us on our way.<br />
<br />
While in my early 20's I had a girlfriend that enjoyed nudism and we went to a near by nudist resort several times, most of the people there were older couples, some with kids, we enjoyed the experience. Take a boyfriend and give it a try.

there is no better feeling than being naked. enjoy it

I grew up in a clothing opp home with one sister, nudity was normal for us in the summer months, my mom was topless or naked a lot during the same time. My dad asked that we keep it in the house or back yard, we did most of the time.<br />
<br />
Family skinny dipping was common for us.<br />
<br />
I hope you get to enjoy nudism into adulthood.

that is cool. my sis and i enjoy naked time togther as well

yes i totally agree

So do you skip school certain days to enjoy yourself?

so when do you find time to enjoy clothes free?

Good for you that you are part of a nudist friendly family.