Gas Delivery Boy Saw Me In Good Shape

When the gas boy came to deliver the gas cylinder my sweet hubby gone to open the door for him and he came aback to bed room and said the delivery boy is looking very smart and want to tease him for fun , so he ask me to go there in kitchen while he fix the cylinder , I know that my hubby want me to show others , and i am half naked now only wear a long T shirt when i move my thighs will reveal even my back cheeks are visible ......and i went to kitchen with this way an that boy was shocked and he never expect such a great scene from our house ......and again i try to take some thing from the down drawer , later hubby told me that he got a very free view of my entire back ........and its turned on my hubby ........... and i just gone back to bed room and came back again for put some thing on the drawer , this time he got a good view of my boobs and stomach ..........when he left home we had very wonderful play..........
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10 Responses May 16, 2012

Great for you ! you teased the gas boy and after he left, hubby got to pump you sexy lady ! growl !

id love to hear you moan and scream ! id also love to see what im dreaming of now ! please add me ! xo

luv ya x

nice story....actually imagined the situation..very hot...keep the stories coming...cheerz

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wow thats nice and so exciting i guess...

damn thats erotic for sure

When i can come to deliver cylinder????

I bet you were throbbing with excitement, did you get adrenaline rush from it?

would so love to see you dress sexly at your home, would so love to see your killer *** and ***** and so suckable ****, seeing you show off would so make my day even better, do so love to have a hot wife tease me at work, to make a day even better to be asked to stay and play with a hot couple.

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wow..that would have been a nice time for delivery boy..

excellent story !loved it all the way

nice story guess the after sex was wonderful....

i know when we do sex with open windows my hubby talk dirty and make me horny and ***** me hard