When I lived in Memphis n the late60's I lived in a mbil home in a trailer park. Memhis get very hot in the summer and my air conditioner would work hard on days when the temp was in the 90's. I would wear just a t shrirt as I had neighbors on both sides, one married couple and a older widow on the other. I thought they couldn't see in but the widow who lived across from me was closer to me than the married couple. One night I had a party with about 40 people, it waas crowed and as the people left my neighbor came home and was amazed at how people kept coming out of my trailer. A few days later she came over to ask about how I got so many people i my trailer, and all I had on was a t shirt. She must have seen me through the door window running to get a robe, because after I let her in she commented that we had something in common, she just wore a t shirt also in home when alone. She informed me that she was a nudist, and wondered if I woundn't like to like to be her escourt next time she went to the camp. I was 24 and she was 44 and we began a nice freindship. Later h daughter who was married and found out her husband had cheated on her, left him and moved in with her mom. We had a cookout one night and disscussed why men cheat. She spent the night with me and after feeling that she had evened the score on her husband went back to him.
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I wear very little too and am loving it......