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I've Not Got Much Choice

At the moment i am at the limbo where i am too big to fit the clothes ive got and have no intention of getting new ones for at least another two weeks. Its the summer holidays and my parents are away again for another big meting so ive lounged around the house for the first week eating with no clothes on whatsoever. I love it, what i like to do is mel chocolate ad then coat my boobs with it, ill then spend a happy 10 mins lciking and sucking it off, then coat them again. I spent nearly a whole day doing this
chubbychik chubbychik 26-30, F 10 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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Damn that sound delicious

Sounds like a lot of fun!

You sound crazy, wicked sexy

I wish I could've been there with you! I would have brought some whipped cream with me and then licked it off your **** and belly! :-)

If I may ask, when you are alone, how often do you shower? I find the though of you naked with the scent of your body and food crumbs on your **** and belly to be so erotic! Don't you agree?

That's hot

Lovely, 'tis always fun to indulge ^^

Playing with the chocolate sounds pretty hot x

That story is so sexy.

That's Awsome.

Thats sound very awesome ;)<br />
Would you mind adding me to your circle? Im gaining as well :P