I frequently wear nothing around the house and yard which is liberating, to say the least! My yard is very private and that is quite rare as I live a city of 500,000 with a greater metro area of about 2 million. My family does not seem to mind but they certainly do not share my desire for no clothes. To that end I impose 'house separation' each night at 9:00 and the kids go down to the basement where their bedrooms are and they have access to a second kitchen and bathroom. They know if they return it's at the risk of seeing Dad buck naked. The longest I've gone with no clothes at all was for 3 days when I sent the kids to summer camp a few years back. Sure does cut down on laundry. LOL.
Cheers, G
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My garden is also quite private, so i am often naked outside, i love to wash the car naked, saves getting your clothes wet.