Im All Alone So Why Not

the first thing i do when i walk in the door is take off my bra not my shirt but my bra gotta let the girls loose after a long day
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Oh wow, wish I were there to see 'em ;-)

It's actually healthy for your girls. Bras can prevent the lymph from flowing in your breasts, which can lead to cancer. Best if you just avoid them altogether. might help.

i like to get home have a shower and dry naturally i sit and stay nude all night if i can

When I am alone I wear nothing , I love being nude, Its so relaxing , but will have something close by just incase.

I think all women do this !! maybe not every day but most of the times. would love to be your friend !!

I think that many of us wear minimum or no clothes at home, but we don't admit it! We are regularly nude at home, and I am happy that you can enjoy relaxing at home too!

Of the many girls/women I've known over the years, when in the house the first thing they want to do is get rid of their bra.

Same thing I do, if you are not comfortable at home its not home.

Hey it's your home....

Of the many women I've known over the years, young or old, the first thing they want to do when they walk in the door is get rid of their bra.

its like a restraint

my wife peels off everything too!

Haha i found this funny "my bra gotta let the girls loose" . Being alone does not mean its a bad thing. Its a time to do you lol, because when you do find one, your time for you will be very rare.

find one what?

find a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend

i have a bf

lucky him......

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I must admit I love to just ***** down to my boxers at home.


I can't imagine being all harnessed-up all day in a bra! Good for you. Plus erect nipples popping thru a shirt are very sexy!

Never wear the bra at home. I'm just like you. Seems pointless ... (no pun intended) to wear it at home.

im a guy but it makes sense to take that thing off. it cant be real comphy

lol thats the advantages of living alone lol

no i have a roommate but she has a life lol

haha well thats good for you then lol

I totally agree and it feels so good to let the girls loose.

I like it....

OMG.. I so agree and doesn't it feel awesome!! I do this when my family isn't around and love it.. especially when it is really hot.. like it has been lately..glad I'm not alone.

lol i know it like they been in lockup and now its freedom day lol


if I can see you taking off bra this will turn me on for a wild sex

do you need a roommate :)