Panties Only

I only wear underwear at home. When I get home I can't wait to get rid of that awful tight bra. I ***** shower and put on some new undies. I wear two a day. I don't understand the need to wear clothes at home. I do wear clothes when it is freezing though.That's my story.
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Less is most definitely better and more comfortable. You may even progress to no panties, then you can do the "Pizza Dare" when the doorbell rings.

I love to wear minimal usually in summer its nude or just panties,but this year it's been to cold so wear a T-shirt

Why just your panties.

I cant sit down putting my private thing on my furniture that's nasty and I could get some type of infection or something.

Sit on a towel, that's why most nudist cary one.

In my culture being naked at home is just not a big deal. If you are around someone of the oposite sex you put on some clothes but it does not have to be much. Just not a big deal.

ok I see

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