We Both Love Being Naked

My husband and I enjoy being home alone and naked. We are nude most nights except when it is colder, but even then we are usually nude under robes or a blanket. We were born nude so why not enjoy it now?
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Be as comfortable and free as you need to be.

I just love being nude with family and friends. I am actually nude now and in my computer office at home.


My husband Larry and I love being nude together. We are an interracial couple with several biracial kids and I am pregnant again. This time with twins. I am due in three and a half weeks from now. We are in our middle 40s and love to go nude at home or at others homes as much as possible. We met at a nudist resort when we were teens and dated exclusively during our high school years. After finishing school, we were married in the nudist tradition in a beach setting. We would get together 2 or 3 times a week for fun, games, and eating together with our families. Larry and many of our nudist families and friends love to see me nude because my boobs are full of milk and my tummy is so huge with twins inside me. Also, I love to see and be with our nudist families and friends naked as well. There is no shame in being nude alone, with other couples, and/or with other families. I love to go skinny dipping and sunbathing nude with others. Mary Ann

I'm so jealous. My wife wouldn't dare hang out at home naked. Do any of your family or friends know you are always naked at home? Do they warn you before coming over?

Exactly right. We were born that way. Doesn't it just feel better to be nude when we are able to? I think it does. Natural and relaxing.