When I Get Home

When I get home from work the first thing I do is kick off my shoes. Then up goes my skirt and down go my pantyhose. That alone makes me feel 50% better. Next I unbutton my skirt and hang that up. Then I lose my blouse, it either gets hung or ends up in the wash. Finally I unhook my bra and toss the offending thing across the room. I then usually slip on a tee or maybe a sweatshirt if its a bit chilly. The important thing is I finally feel free and unrestricted. Only then I begin to feel comfortable.
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6 Responses Dec 11, 2012

As soon as I get out of my car my high heels come off, when I get inside my home, I do a timely ***** of all my office attire. I start with the skirt, blouse, hose, bra, and panties if I wear any of the last two items.

Oh i wish you lived close, there is nothing more beautiful than a naked pregnant woman, you are to be blessed

I had a fantasy where we met in a dept store, you handed me a bag with your undies in it, i went to the mens room, stuffed them in my mouth savoring your strong ***** juice and scent, i jerked off chewing on them and came in my own underpants, they sre grey and a bit longer than white ones
I then put yours on and put my *** soaked ones in a bag. Walking out i handed you the bag. I pulled up the elastic to show you, you smiled walked into the ladies, 30 mins later you came out. Greeting me like a lover, you kissed me hard on the lips, pushing your tongue in my mouth, i tasted the salty taste of my own *****. You looked around, hiked up your skirt to show me you were wearing mine, we walk out hand in hand

I am like that in the summer, but not it too darn cold.

i like to ***** off and just have boxers on

I find the thought of you transforming from business attire, complete with pantyhose into just a soft sweatshirt very alluring and arousing. You are just so beautiful and look much much younger than your age listed.

I've known many girls/women over the years, and seem that the first thing thay want to do when entering the house is get rid of their bra. I think naked is best, weather permiting, but not everyone agrees.