Crossdressinf A Fun

I am an Indian, 26, married for 2 years. Once I was abroad with my husband enjoying hiking. It was after a couple of months of our marriage. I normally do not wear panties even when outdoor, of course I love tiny g-strings, just to feel myself sexy. That day I was in sexy, see-through G-string.My husband likes wearing short briefs only to cover his pe**s. It was an excellent day, cool breeze, almost no hiker, so we were enjoying talking, kissing and hugging. I was wearing only short skirt so my husband found an opportunity to play with my pu**y in open day light. I enjoyed. After hiking for about one hour, we decided to take rest before going back to resort. We were alone there. He had made my very horny as it was so easy and approachable to tease my pu**y, which was terribly wet and hot. He too opened zip and pulled his d**k out of trouser. I took it in my hand to massage slightly.
We were so horny that could not resist our f***k desire. We undressed and had had a wonderful sex. He sprinkled his juice on my body which I< as before, rubbed on my boobs, pu**y and tummy, also massaging his wet, dripping co**k. We enjoyed, but suddenly realized that we had no cloth to wipe. I took his briefs and the problem was solved. He had no more underwear. What to do? I pulled down my g-string and offered him to try. He did and after dressing walked back to resort. On the way he told that wearing g-string was giving him a pleasant and sexy feelings.
Back in the room, I asked him not to put off g-string. He obliged. I was totally nude (as I was/am a nudist), he was in g-string which could not hide and cover his erect p***s. It was slipping out. Fun but enjoyable.
After supper we wanted to have a stroll. I got an idea and told him to wear g-string, instead of briefs, under trouser; I was without it. Initially he did not agree as we were to walk on crowded roads, but later agreed. All along the way he was conscious of wearing g-string. He told that not only it was comfortable, but giving him a sexy feeling too.
Since, we are enjoying sex in cross dressing, that I put on his buttoned shirt, nothing under it, and he my g-string, small thong, sexy nightie etc. Sometimes we play cards and the loser has to put on others' clothes, and subsequently the winner gets his/her undressed bit by bit, obviously arousing feelings and getting horny. The game comes to an end with 69 position. Cross dressing for a while just to enjoy sex as fun and fantastic. Sexydiv.
Sexydiv Sexydiv
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Very are you going to teach him to enjoy sex the way you do