Ménage à Trois

My gf and I have a no-clothes policy in our flat in London. This makes for somewhat eye-popping heating bills in the winter, but we feel it's entirely worth it. Neither of us was raised in naturist families - we just enjoy the liberty of not having to bother with clothes around the house, which unsurprisingly has turned into a popular haunt for many of our friends, who like to come round and let it all hang out. Anyway, Niamh and I recently found ourselves discussing the potential merits of occasionally seeking out penis. Don't get me wrong, we have a very stable, loving, trusting and deeply sexually satisfying relationship, but a ***** is a ***** is a *****, and we got to wondering whether having a man about the place might be interesting, as long as we could preserve the dynamics of our relationship. So we advertised for a sub tenant. The hands-down favourite was Raj, from Mumbai, who is a gorgeous, if slightly nerdy, PhD student, with a very useful expertise in computer technology, a great deal of charm, is scrupulously clean, and has a seemingly inexhaustible priapic endowment. In other words, Niamh and I now have **** on tap, and our domestic ********* is working nicely. Raj, of course, thinks he has won the lottery, shacked up, as he is, with a rampant, nudist lesbian couple.

We make few unreasonable demands. He pays a nominal rent, cooks us a fabulous chicken à la Raj from time to time, fixes our laptops, and gets to **** our brains out several times a week. Oh, and we have a very low tolerance threshold for pubic hair, but he has embraced the depilatory regime with enthusiasm. I worried that Niamh, who had a very Catholic upbringing in Ireland, might begin to develop moral qualms about our new set-up, but we're four months in and it just keeps getting better.

Let me know if you'd like me to go into detail about what we get up to in our ménage à trois!

Sophie x
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What do you mean 'if' ? lol......OF COURSE we'd like you to go into detail!