Climate Change

I have often wanted to but never really did it much, but recently after a heatwave where the temperature remained very high for days and nights I decided to not bother with pyjamas when going to bed. The particular night was extremely hot and rather than hop in the bed I just laid naked on top of the sheet and allowed the air from the ceiling fan to cool my body. I wasn't doing it for any sexual reason more because it was much more comfortable. When I woke early next morning I admit I felt a little strange at not having had anything on at all. I was never use to being naked all night but I felt so comfortable.

Ever since that first night, I do not wear anything to bed. And it is so liberating and I do sleep better, I think. I am still waking early in the morning as I always have but I do believe the quality of sleep is improving and gradually sleeping a little longer.

Living alone I do get up to other activities as well, but I usually don't do that in bed, I prefer to that task sitting up rather than laying down. I find that being naked all night and waking up I find I enjoy the freedom to walk around and eat breakfast and not worry about who might be able to see me.

And after breakfast that is when I usually get busy with having some solo fun usually while watching a video of some girl on girl stuff before anyone comes.
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1 Response Jan 26, 2013

A story that encourages me to leave the drapes open! Thanks