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Didn't Want To - But Sure Do Now!

Yes, I'm a geezer and, yes, I wear very little at home. But I wasn't always a geezer.  And I didn't always wear very little at home, either.  In fact, as a young boy, I didn't want anyone outside of my family to see me in pajamas and I did not like to wear short-sleeved shirts.  Why?  I have no idea - maybe someone here with a psychology degree can explain that!  But all that changed when I was about eleven.

I posted the details of the incident in a story in the "I Have Been Nude In Front Of Family" category, but the short version is that I was forced to go naked by my older brother when our parents went out.  Although I was reluctant at first (no, actually, I wasn't "reluctant," I just refused but my older and stronger brother convinced me that my feelings on the matter were trumped by his), I did start going naked when he told me to.  That was pretty much it - he just wanted me to stay naked while he was naked.  He wouldn't let me put clothes back on until we heard the car back in the driveway.  At first I tended to stay in my room, but eventually I didn't care and would go wherever I wanted to go.  We were never caught by our parents.  Well, not the two of us running around naked, but that's also another story.

Anyway, the point is, while I definitely did not want to do it at first, after a while, I started to enjoy the feeling.  We moved and he stopped forcing me to go nude (he found girls!).  But by that time, I had started sleeping naked and would stay naked in my room without being ordered to.

Now, for those of you who are curious about but reluctant to being nude at home, I highly recommend you try sleeping naked first.  It is wonderful.  No pajamas twisting up or binding; cooler in the summer but not sure I can say warmer in the winter.  But the free feeling from being naked in my room (and the earlier times all around the house) plus the better sleep I got from being naked convinced me at a relatively early age that naked (or wearing as little as possible) was the way to go.

And still is.  Try it!
CureEeeUs CureEeeUs 56-60, M 7 Responses Jan 26, 2013

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An unconventional way to come to nudism but the result was good lol

True! How did you come to it (assuming you enjoy being nude at home)?

Nudist home from birth

Ahh... the best way. My children were started out that way. Their mom didn't go nude and the kids and I were not nude all the time, but there was no scramble to cover up if one of them came in when I was showering, for example. And after bath time they almost always spent some time running around naked. If the kids were up before I left for work on dayshifts, they see me naked getting breakfast or reading the paper (yeah, no internet news for us back then).

When I was maybe 10 I started being nude at home when my parents were at work and my younger brother was out playing. Loved it then and it just followed me into the rest of my life

I guess, unlike my brother, you chose not to "share" the experience.

Yeah, I guess so. Maybe I should have

Yeah, well, I wasn't real appreciative of my brother when he first started making me *****. But now? Yeah, I'm very thankful he did that to me (or for me).

He brought out the "best" in you, I guess

He brought out everything, so to speak! But, seriously, I really think people should just going about the daily routines at home while completely naked - the younger the better so you can avoid or overcome those inhibitions most of us learn.

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IowaGirl - lucky you!

MRK - well, I believe it was pure hormones on my brother's part. I think it was not so much about him wanting to see my little pre-pubescent body naked, but more about him not being alone while naked. If neither one of us had any clothes on, he wouldn't feel weird about going around in front of me nude.

Stefi - Good for you; enjoy!

U know what, I think you have it right. It can seem strange to be the only one naked. Glad you were there for your brother.

Great Story, kinda weird about your bothers need to see you naked. In the end tho, you got to the real point, which is to live naked and enjoy.

Yes, now that you mention it - by that time, he was taking mandatory showers with the other boys in his class so why would he want or need to see his little brother naked? Never considered that before.

But, yes, after a while I sure did come to appreciate it!

i never didn't not run around my family we were all freespirits.we didn't run around naked all the time but there was no taboo against nudity either. i saw my mother and father and sister naked at one time or another .my sister and i bathed together untill there was not room for both of us in the tub at the same time when we were kids.never thought anthing about nudity at all back then.

That's exactly as it should be. I think if nudity is common at home, the "great mystery" about how the opposite sex looks naked is removed (or, for that matter, the same sex but post-pubescent). All that curiosity is satisfied so the kids won't feel driven to put themselves in a precarious situation just to have the opportunity to see a naked person.

It just dawned on me that you're from Iowa. I shared a barracks room with a guy from Iowa. It was great because he was so easy to get along with, had a great sense of humor, and like me he was very comfortable being nude. So it was a relief that I could stay nude on hot days and not freak him out. He said that, as a boy on his family's farm, he would often be nude indoors or out - it was just whatever the situation called for. I envied that.

I've always loved the nude lifestyle

I'm a geezer as well and have enjoyed the clothes free life style from childhood, I do wear clothes when it's cool. I live in Arizona, It's hot here May through October, lots of clothes free time.

Oh yeah... I was in eastern Maricopa County for several years. If you know that county, you know the Superstition mountains. Used to drive up there, park somewhere off the road to Tortilla Flats, then walk out of sight of the road to a point overlooking the river, set down my wine, bread and cheese, take off all my clothes - and live! Yeah, I love Arizona!

Yep I know where you're talking about. I moved here 10 years ago from California because I like the heat. Many of my California friends think I'm nuts and won't come near Arizona during the summer.