I Love My Privacy

My weekday routine is as soon as I get home from work the bra and skirt/pants come off.  Usually that means I spend most of my night around the apt in T-shirt and panties.  If I have a blouse on, then I'll just leave it open like a vest.  During the warmer months, I'll just bop around topless.

The weekends I'll not get dressed until I need to, so its either panties or sometimes nude.

It's nice living alone, I can do these sort of things.

MissSarahAnne MissSarahAnne
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22 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I am glad to.know therr are lots of people who enjoy beig nude alone, i am not the only one. Its the same for me evrything off and only boxers on at home unless really have to.

You sound like my (ex) SIL. She would hang out much like that. I found it very erotic. My wife would always be dressed, but didn't mind her sister showing herself to me. Go figure.

I love your honesty. I too love to be nude when I am alone. It's good to feel air caressing skin that usually doesn't get exposed to the air. I love to be nude outdoors and feel the sun on my skiln and skinnydip and feel the water all over every inch of my body.

i think lots of men and woman like be nude in the house or spend time in just undies i have friends they and the kids are in undies all the time in house ,they have robes ready if anyone comes ,

It's sexy when a girl its almost naked or completely naked... there its nothing wrong with that.!!!

I like to spend the whole day naked. I sleep naked so I just get and fix some breakfast then go to the bathroom. Then I surf on the internet all the time naked. Most of the time my **** is relaxed. Sometimes for no apparent reason I get aroused.

yes im same love to get up ,breakfast ,then if im not going out stay naked or in boxers ,and like you if on net it just stands proud for no reason ,love wen its standing,

Lucky YOU !

I have a similar routine of taking off my socks and underwear when I get home from work. If it's warm enough, I'll take off the shirt, too, then put on just a pair of shorts. On weekends, I never bother with underwear. If no one else is home, I don't bother with any clothes. Nude is best!

Yes i love nudity or almost in my home when my daughter is gone

walking home naked is wonder feeling.

I am not comfortable being naked in front of anyone, but I love to just be naked when I'm alone. It's so much more comfortable without clothes. I sleep naked and whenever I can be naked, I am. It's hard with a 2 year old though, a few years ago, I sat around naked all the time. loved it. I would now, if I didn't have a child. Just feels great with no restriction of clothes...I love it. well, just thought I would comment, not a very good one, but just wanted to:) good luck to you

knowing america is this wise? but i heartily second your sentiments

Oldjack5, I am envious. lol

I have a secluded back yard where clothes are not needed, I mow the lawn trim the bushes, lay in the sun, Skinny dipping is pretty common around here.

aniowagirl, if you put a nickel in a jar every time you have sex before you are married and take a nickel out for every time you have sex after you are married, you will never empty that jar. LOL

who needs clothes anyway

aniowagirl, you are so right. Beilg alone is ok for a short period, but only if we still have someone to be with most of the time. We are herd animals.

You guys are so right.

Clothes are almost useless when there's no one to see you.

The fewer clothes we have on, the freer we feel. Totally nude is best.

During the summer months, I wear panties and maybe a tshirt. That's what is nice about summer. The winter I may add a little more, but its nice to come home and take off the out there things.<br />
I have areason not to wear much now!!

You should find yourself a nudist resort to visit. I found it's like meeting others who feel the same about being nude. I found it to be a lot of fun. You can do almost anything nude outdoors and indoors. My first time taking a shower outdoors with a strange gal (I'm a guy) was an event to remember!