I Thought I Was the Only One

 as soon as I get home I get naked or just keep my underwear. It feels great to be naked at home. 

Bambola Bambola
31-35, F
15 Responses Jul 22, 2009

hi, no u not alone im same off with them soon in doors only here

i do the same thing it just so relaxing and comfortable

I thought I was the only one to. I'm just more comfortable this way at home. I've even converted a couple of girlfriends. Once they tried it, it became normal. It's not about showing the world your goodies, it's being free in one's own private space.

The best freedom in the world

i do love no clothes on at home feels great,wifes says hope i get caught o well my house

It feels great to be naked everywhere, always

Ditto like the two former messages. If it were possible i would n't ever put clothes on again!

So am i totally buck naked!

Not a thing. Even right now

Yep, I'm working from home and don't need to wear anything unless someone comes to the door. The rest of the time is spent wearing nothing.

i think its brilliant to ***** off just down to my undies and flash to my neighbors, it gives me a big thrill when i know the young girl (25) can see ive got a huge stiffy on :-)

I work at home. It's great not having to get dressed.

Ditto!!!! I thought my mother and i were weird....

Bambola. Sei Italiana?

Yep I get out of my clothes every chance I can get