An Homage To Tight Jeans

This truly is a golden age of curves. From the obvious curves of the *** to the subtle curves of a well proportioned calf there's so many examples to see that a poor guy could get whiplash. 

"Your honor, my client has been grievously injured by the defendants wanton display of fantastic thigh and a truly delicious curve across what is clearly her labia.  My client is seeking $500,000 in damages and would like to know if she's free for dinner Friday."

Hmmm, maybe not!  And it's all sorts of women. From the tight tight jeans to the to the more subtle black leggings and sweater-to-just-below-the-***. Even the well outlined curves of the lower leg  below the hemline of skirts is a beautiful thing. We haven't even discussed you joggers yet. And the tall boots. Oh my, it's almost too much to bear thinking about, I think the bloods drained from my head. 

So I'd like to say thanks to all the women who choose tight pants and let us not forget the unsung heels behind the scenes - the fashion designers pushing the trend. Let us say thanks that there are so many women walking around in their skinny jeans or their leggings showing off everything they've got. So many women, so many shapes, so very good.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go for a long jog round the park and a cold shower. 

andypee andypee
36-40, M
Jan 10, 2013