Heading Out Now

I just peed my diaper and I'm heading to the grocery store all warm and wet. Why change? My diaper isn't soaked yet, so there's no need to. I may crinkle some (Bambinos!) but Oh, well!

And hey, sometimes I go out dry and come home wet. Oooo! Much fun!
mustpeeme mustpeeme
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I love going out in my diapers covered in baby oil and baby powder...
and wondering if people can smell me or notice my thick layered
disposable diapers beneath my clothes.
I also like to pee and even poo in my diapers while out in public.

i thought about doing the same thing today :)

Go for it. Once you've done it, you'll love it!

i just might :) my pampers cruiser has been soaked all day.

Oooh, I wish you lived closer....then again....maybe not, cause I'd get in trouble.

Hahaha, I'd be likely to get in trouble, too!

Wetter The Better, You can Change and I will take over your Diaper Please!!