Tight Wet Jeans

Usually when I get home from work I put my favourite tight jeans on. They always smell of pee and I like that. I have a few beers and it is a wonderfull feeling to just relax and pee in those jeans! This gets me horny and I sometimes just rub my **** in the wet jeans. Sometimes my girlfriend comes around and she really likes the wet jeans thing. She likes to sit on my lap and pee in her jeans. After having sex we don't change clothing - we just stay in our wet jeans all weekend! And **** whenever we need to. When I need to go shopping I just put on a long coat and go in my pissjeans.It's so nice to wake up in pissed jeans next to this wondrfull girl then just climb on top of her and ****, then **** her with the pisseans still on!
lassefrasse lassefrasse
51-55, M
1 Response Jul 11, 2010

******* hot! Thank you for sharing! :)