Love The Look Of White Socks

I love wearing and seeing other people wear white socks.

The only time I don't put on white socks is whenever I'm wearing black jeans. I wear black socks with those to keep the color co-ordination.

But white socks go well with blue jeans. And they definitely go nicely with khaki, cargo or athletic shorts.

Whether you wear them pulled up over the calves or bunched-up around the ankles (my preference), white socks are a great look.
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I like white socks too, and wear them on all but rather dressy occasions. With shorts, which is most of the time in warm weather, I prefer to wear short socks, not the kind that almost disappear into your shoes, but the ones that come up to your ankle. I've seen them called quarter socks but I don't know if that is standard terminology.

I call them ankle socks. Those are nice too.

There's a terminology conflict here. I think ankle socks have traditionally referred to the socks we all know that come about half way up the calf, as opposed to over-the-calf or knee socks. What to call newer, very short styles seems still to be in a state of flux, especially since there are so many lengths -- invisible in the shoe, very little sock showing, just to the ankle bone (which really should be called ankle socks), etc.

Socks that are over-the-calf or up to the knee are tube socks. Those that come halfway up the calves are called crew socks. The ones that come up to the ankle bone are quarter top or ankle socks. Finally, the ones that are invisible or very short are called no-show socks.

Good post. Do you prefer women or men's socks?

I like to wear men's all-white tube socks, and love when they scrunch around the ankles. Such a sexy look combined with sneakers. When I wear with jeans, I wear them pulled up, but always scrunched with shorts.