Wearing My Clothes

i have been wearing womens clothes for a long time and i consider them mine as i have bought most of them and i wear them with pride,

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I am an Indian. Male wearing women’s dresses. But I am not gay. Am straight, married and have child.

I would like to share my story withEP members

At the age of 8 or so first I took my mother’s saree piece and privately wrapped around my waist Immedia I got erection.I pressed my pennis with that saree piece. With which I felt so soothing sensation. At that time I didnt know what was it. But I felt so happy with that soothing feeling when I touched the saree cloth. So I carefully kept it under my books. From that day onwards, when ever I had privacy , I started wrapping around my waist and enjoying that feeling.

After a few days I took my mothers blouse and kept underneath my pant and used to rubbe to my pennies. It has become a had formed as ahabit to me. Whenever I gor the chnace to be alone I take some cloth (saree or peticoat or blouse etc) and rap around my waist and used to rub it with my pennes. During nights I used to wear my sister’s cloths and kept sleeping after mastrubating in them

As my mother is a rural Indian she dressed with petticoat, saree and blouse. So I alsoliked to use those cloths. And after I used to wear my wifes saree, braw, petticoar.blouse and enjoy a lot. And I became habituate to it. After marrieage I started thinking “What is this? Am I the only person doing this?” I use to think to stop this habit. But I couldnt.

I was wearing saree, and blouse inside my casual dress.

After some time I became fond of pantie, bra, and Punjabi dresses. Whenever I am alone in my house immediately I tookout my pant, shirt and wear panties, bra and girls dress. I am typing this story sitiing in my office. Now also underneath my pant and shirt I have pantie, bra, chudidar and top. The touch and smell of all the women’s cloths make me horney and give sooooooooooothing sensation.

Till I join this EP group I was thining that I am the only man wearing the somen’s dresses. I might be mad / perverted. I had consulted psychiatrist also.But he did do nothing.

One more thing I woul like to metion here. As I read the other people’s experience in the EP that they are purchasing women’s cloths and using them. But I would like to mention that I didnt ever purchase the lingaries and dress, because I dont like the touch and smell of those new ones. I didnt ever touch new cloths. I always use the lingaries, sarees, dresses used by ladies. The touch and smell of those used lingaries and loths make me horney. I like cotton and satin dresses.

You may question me “how do you get the used cloths” My answer that I put online requests and send emails to ladies to donate their dresses and lingeries. I have about two dozen such dresses, 8 bras, 4 panties, 2 saree, 2 petticoats and 4 blouses (all are used by other ladies) in my collection. Day time I wear them under my pant and shirt and night I remove pant and shirt and wear (those women’s) dresses.

I love shopping for women's clothes. Mostly new, but charity shops can be a great source of very good clothes at ridiculously low prices. Never go past them without a scan through their ever changing stock! Thwy may be second hand, but they are mine, I chose them, I paid for them and I am proud of them!

I think yu are absolutely right..

??? Those are your clothes. You bought them. You got the size to fit you. You bought styles you like. You bought them new, for you, so what if the buttons are on the left, they are still yours and if you are happy with them, wonderful!

I like to wear women's clothing too! I'm dressed in a pretty, floral print dress, pantyhose, black heels, wig, makeup, jewelry, matching panties and bra. I'm going shopping for heels! So fun to be femme. Hope there are other "girls" like me.