Wearing My Clothes

i have been wearing womens clothes for a long time and i consider them mine as i have bought most of them and i wear them with pride,

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3 Responses Sep 21, 2009

I love shopping for women's clothes. Mostly new, but charity shops can be a great source of very good clothes at ridiculously low prices. Never go past them without a scan through their ever changing stock! Thwy may be second hand, but they are mine, I chose them, I paid for them and I am proud of them!

I think yu are absolutely right..

I like to wear women's clothing too! I'm dressed in a pretty, floral print dress, pantyhose, black heels, wig, makeup, jewelry, matching panties and bra. I'm going shopping for heels! So fun to be femme. Hope there are other "girls" like me.<br />
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