i like to wear costumes as often as possible ,i am quite a big person now and overweight ,,but i can get away with dressing as an older hippie woman so well no-one knows its me ,i even went to the village fete last year in my hippie outfit ,i used a photo of my sister to copy her look ,i did it so well everyone thought i was her ,she has strong red hair too! i used a wig tho ,lol but my costume outfit was spot on ,i got it from a dress hire shop having a sale ,as i,m a size 24 with large boobs (even for a man) lol i couldnt deny myself the outfit ,,i have gone shopping in it several times to town and everyone says high carol thinking i,m my sister ,,lol i think this is so great ,,tho one good freind told me he knows its me and i look better as a woman and i should do the chop and change too, i think he fancies me ? i hope ..he even told me where to go and buy large size hippie clothes and costumes too as he is a wholesale supplier,, but yes i will stop wearing mens clothes and just be female in lovely costumes ,tho i will need serious makeup or something too, i have just ordered a "litle bo peep costume for fun too,,xx
franceslepole57 franceslepole57
61-65, T
Sep 15, 2012