Love To Wear Spandex

I would like to begin by saying, because the cost of good proper fitting oh so awesome to have on Gym things can be quite costly, and very hard to find lower priced in a second hand store. It makes it a bit more uneasy to enjoy. However as so say as unafraid to express my extream Femmness. I do find it very enjoyable to have on so streachy tight Body suits and only sweet little pink, or other coloured little shorts or sweat pants with PINK on them somewhere. I also do use my pink sweat bands while I weld, and usually have my prettier colour Ankle warmers and offten wrist warmers on in the cold months. Mostly I enjoy the very, very open freedom of having on a nice Body suit, Tights, some times a nice over warmer panty in my overals to give me a nicer freedom of movement. However because I am a Trans person. I sometimes like to take the bit bigger more adventurous yes a bigger turn on to go out only in a nice tight Tights, and soft streachier Bodysuit. PS Yes i only use female runners or what ever and have to have pink in them some where.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

That is so cool. I am involved in the feild of construction and I wear yoga pants most days to work. Love the freedom of movement the give and love knowing I am in fem attire.

Thats a great story. I am obsessed with women's gym clothes