Straight Panty Guy

I started wearing panties about 5 years ago. I love to wear panties that are really girlie, and soft. Mostly I wear g-strings or thongs because they feel the best. Pink is my favorite color by far but I like black and blue too.

I don't find g-strings and thongs uncomfortable, but you have to buy ones that fit well which can be trial and error. But once you do, it is so worth it.

Sometimes I wear my girlfriend's panties, some of the time I wear ones that I have bought myself. My girlfriend doesn't know I wear either. I do want her to know, but I know she would react badly.

I have a number of male g-strings too, which I wear every other day if I think my girlfriend will see. She doesn't like them, and can't see why I like to wear them. I tell her that I like the feel, which I do, but I would prefer to be wearing ladies panties which are softer and sexier.

I often wear panties under my suit when I go to work. G-strings and thongs are good because of the same reason ladies wear them, the invisible panty line. I always feel good when I wear them, I feel sexy. Wearing a g-string and having your bum exposed in trousers is great but you still have the advantage of having some support where it counts. The silky and formfitting panties are so much better then male underwear. I mean who really enjoys wearing male underwear?

I am not a particularly good looking guy, more cute, but I know I have a good *** so I reveal a bit more and I feel good doing it.

I wish the ladies out there would be more accepting of a guy in panties.

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5 Responses Mar 13, 2009

It's always amazed me that society lets women where male or female clothes without questions (boxers, etc...), but if a man wants to wear panties they think he's weird.

You will find someone as I did that likes and adores you in panties. I have done this in many situations. My wife adores me in panties as did many gf's in the past and the married couples I played with. Tell her to get adventurous with you.

if she can't except you wearing panties what else will she not except?

Meinathong is completely right, in the small number of friends i have to about 90% of them don't even mind (2 even encouraged it(they wear girls)) the other people who don't like it, if they're your friends they'll forget about it

Give it a shot, tell the ppl you know, if they don't still respect you, they aren't true friends.