College Panties

So i have enjoyed wearing panties since i was a kid. I would take some of my mom's when the dryer would stop and no one was around. They were high cut briefs from Victoria's Secret and were huge on me but i loved the feeling i had when i wore them.

When i got older i started wearing them to school under my boxers, then eventually i dropped the boxers and just went strait jeans and panties. but i always dreamed of buying my own.

I am now a sophomore in college and have bought my own. i am to terrified to go in an buy them in person anywhere so i always use the internet, it is more expensive but the risk of seeing someone i know when i am buying panties is to great because since i have no girlfriend (i am a pretty good looking guy strangly enough) i cant say i am buying them for her so i would be stuck in a corner with a lace thong in my hand a guilty look on my face.

Although i recently told a friend of mine that i wear them. She is my best friend and had no problem with it, she just accepted that it was my "thing" we all have something about us that other people wont like and can cause problems and this is mine as i have learned there are many other guys just like me that like to feel a little comfort or sexuality in their daily lives. I am really happy i told her.

But i wear them almost everday. They are sooooo soft and comfy and always express how i am feeling that day. I Still wear boxers too because sometimes i just want to, maybe it is because i just want to be "normal" but that is going away i have gotten closer to just accepting it.

If there was only male underwear that was similar i would buy it but alas our society tells women to be as masculine or as femanine as they want while we tell men to be the giant burley hunters who never cry and have no emotion.

I would love to chat sometime about panties or anything!

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4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

when pantie shopping no one has commented on my purchases except one and couldn't answer because a grandchild was with me, otherwise i would have said they are for me and my wife, but it is a thrill purchasing panties and seeing what they look like, try it and i think you will like it

check out i think youll like whats on there. its a great site for sexy girly underwear thats for men so your junk wont fall out all the time

wearing panties is relaxing and the thought of having to go and actualy lingerie shop is way too much for some of us who enjoy the feeling of putting on a soft slippery pair of nice comfy panties and too get that as well as some for the work thats hidden and cmfortable and cant be seen yes go to the net but for me and i love panties and soft materal too kick back in as well as my girl im not gay and you dont have to be to wear or buy them ,but i like to go buy pantys at where ever and once you do you willfid it easer as well as buying what you realy want i have bumped into smeone i know its like aa or las vegas sales girls help you with all your ques. and thats fun. they take your money you leave with something good and it stays there and get your friend a pair sheelll lov it

It is a heck of a feeling......<br />
I will chat if you need to talk?